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fm07 in Chelsea, like how to deal with a similar 4132 Lineup?

hanyangt012010-03-09 04:11:03 +0000 #1

Dream unreal2010-03-09 04:18:46 +0000 #2
how to say this, there is no precise phase formation between the g to see what team you are, and look at how the characteristics of your player, I used Barcelona, AC, Manchester United, Chelsea are basically touching each sub-formation is also different, but individuals tend to use 4123 a Barcelona midfielder lumbar two Trident type, both offensive and defensive, you can try the next! Pairs of good teams

PS: I occasionally pairs of teams a single striker with 4141 anti-anti, and sometimes wonders
zqlloveraul2010-03-09 04:22:27 +0000 #3
FM07 little research, but I have been playing now is the FM08, with the hamburger. I use the 4231, two lumbar a purely defensive (7M bought Seville Poulsen, mental attributes madman), a similar Alonso this (3M hired Andrea Pirlo, 4M bought Ban has also been added to the riverbed); 3 Qian Yao in the middle of the pull to the forward position, given the high degree of freedom, strong push was in Bremen, Hamburg, Rafael van der Vaart or Diego. In addition to the two pull wings, the left is the preferred Valencia Silva, but the price is too high, second best is Matthias. Fernandes, I do not remember where he is in what FM07 team, but the He is a Chilean, you can go to Chile under the domestic search. C Luo right-sided, of course devaluation could be the same as the price is too high, but you can buy range from 15M to 18M Quaresma, absolute cow B, only a contest to play a general, if the money can be considered Sergio Aguero, but in FM07 Lane, Sergio Aguero Atletico before going to buy do not come, so one year bar, liquidated damages 35M, do not buy is a fool ah; striker Amauri bought my 10M, scoring the efficiency of good, and there assists, the most important thing is salary require low ah, I am playing the 2012 season, and Amauri is also as long as 39,000 of the weekly, 4,700 of the goals of the 4700 prize money and appearance fees the same.



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