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Liu Fan Qin the starting point for the great cause in which

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mangdang shan

mangdang between mountains and Peixian, although they were separated by county across the county, away from it but more than 200 years, it is this administration segmentation and isolation, geographical advantages and accessible, so that mangdang Liu groups both in the mountains to escape Peixian authorities to pursue, they always maintained contacts and Peixian Limin. When the world when something happens, Peixian Zhao Limin can think of him, and he can quickly return to Peixian, and finally accomplish great event. Mangdang Hill armed separatism is not only the starting point of Liu Bang Group, can also be said to be the starting point of the Han empire.
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209 BC, the Qin Mo peasant uprising broke out, Chen Sheng, WU Guang-led rebel army seized the Chen (now in Henan Huaiyang) Subsequently, Chen Sheng established "Chu" regime, and openly opposed the Qin Dynasty. At this time, Peixian would also like to respond to the magistrate to continue to master the regime Peixian, Xiao He and Cao magistrate at that time men are the principal officials, who will advise the county magistrate who summoned back from exile, the one can increase the forces, and secondly, you can prevent future trouble. Magistrate felt justified, would let a close friend of Liu Liu Fan Kuai to look back, Liu will bring people back in time. Side of the magistrate but regret, and fear of Liu Bang came back bad control, calling such would have been killed by Liu Bang, and so therefore be asking for trouble. So, he ordered the gates closed, is also preparing to apprehend Xiao He and Cao Can. Xiao He and Cao heard the news rushed fled outside the city, Liu will be a letter fired into the city, encouraging people in town have gone back up and kill the magistrate, everyone works together to defend the homeland. People are less sympathetic to their peacetime very dissatisfied with the magistrate, after killing a magistrate Liu Ying-Jin to open it, but also elected him as covering up, leading everyone uprising. Liu will listen to public opinion, set up the altar, claiming to Chidi's son, lead the people held up the banner of Fan Qin. This year is 209 BC in October, Liu has 48 years of age.



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