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I would like to ask, Bayern Munich, where talented young Klaus gone ah, how could not see ah, thank

kennidiren2010-03-09 08:11:08 +0000 #1
not that striker Klose Oh, it is this very young, and had prepared to give him No. 10 I do not know can go to the World Cup in South Africa do, thank you.
No culture is wonderful, terrible?2010-03-09 08:21:24 +0000 #2
Last summer, now on loan to Bayer Leverkusen of the leader went to the Bundesliga this season, played 20 times and has scored eight goals

Bayern play particularly well this summer, so he vowed to withdraw the information under the Wikipedia's

you are not a bit difficult to go to South Africa, after all, who is now a lot of the German national team midfielder Michael Ballack Schweinsteiger Ozil Trochowski who are very keen competition is not very optimistic that he could go to in South Africa, and Miroslav Klose up to now has not played the German national team should not risk a second Loew brought him to the World Cup in South Africa

Cross are now the team: Bayer Leverkusen 39

English name: Toni Kroos

Foreign Full name: Toni Kroos birthday :1990-01-04

Role: avant-garde Height: 180 cm Weight: 68 kg dominant leg: right foot

Place of birth: Greifswald (Germany) Nationality: German

on behalf of the national team: played 0 times, into the ball

0 years to participate in events on behalf of the team competition number

World Cup 2007 in Germany a small little country teams from 10 European Cups: played 7 times, into a ball

UEFA Champions League: played 1 times, the ball into the numbers 0

Cross curriculum vitae goals last season playing National League club number rating for 2009/10 Bayer Leverkusen 39176


2008/09 Bayer Leverkusen, Germany 39101 Germany 1 9

2008/09 Bayern Munich 3970, Germany 12

2007/08 Bayern Munich 39120 Germany 1 1

Cross transfer record (Note: The unit is million euro transfer fee)

Start Date contract expires transfer nature of the transfer fee to switch out of the team into the team

2009-01-31 2010-06-30

2008-01-01 Bayer Leverkusen Bayern Munich lease signing unknown 2012-06-30 Bayern Munich
qdpower2010-03-09 08:25:20 +0000 #3
In Leverkusen
favorite Linchuan Caigeng2010-03-09 09:07:23 +0000 #4
handsome guy.



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