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Monaco national team has not participated in the World Cup

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No, despite striking terror into the world's Monaco club, but a native of Monaco, who still want to have their own national team. Monaco hundreds of years are independent countries such as Andorra and San Marino can do to become a member of the FIFA family. In April 2000, in support of the Prince Albert of Monaco, the Principality of Monaco Football Association was officially established.

To have a Monegasque nationality in the 3000 nationals in the selection of school-age players, simply be prohibitively difficult. Because most of them elderly, Monaco, almost all young people from France and Italy. Thus it was suggested that FA could be an exceptional receiver Monaco Monaco resident tennis star and racing stars. Because they at least give this team has brought star effect.

There is no training facilities, like, like nomadic tribes moved everywhere, and can not get a penny of the allowance, 90 Monaco soccer players registered in Monaco before the game on the Arab-Israel cape coast training, usually spread over the city to Monaco to participate in league. Players must have a formal job in order to make a living. No. 9 is a forward Pasi Jie SUN casino employees, 10 Prato was in France a plastic manufacturing factory. Banks in Monaco goalkeeper Miliaoni doing the accounts, often overtime, he almost did not participate in team training, and only Sunday game was played. Team, the largest brand of "star" is wearing the captain's armband for Oury wile Krishna, the only one in Monaco, the club youth academy trained officers. Selection team coach is 蒂埃里珀蒂, gentleman's father was a right hand Deschamps, AS Monaco's assistant coach --- the famous Jean Petit. Under the leadership of the Petit, Monaco, the national team 2 to 2 draw Gibraltar, in the city of Rome and the Vatican shake hands 0 to 0.

The whole of Europe there are 23 have not been accepted by UEFA of "pocket members", but only the political independence of Monaco, the Vatican and the Danish territory of Greenland has to become a real member of UEFA. But the Vatican is worse than in Monaco. An area of only 0.44 square kilometers of the Papal States population of less than 1,000 people, despite their own league, but 10 teams of players mostly from St. Peter's Church or the Vatican radio station guide employees. Because they are Italian, the Vatican can not become national team players, so in 2002,'s friendly against Monaco and the Vatican, the Vatican can only priests and the church of the Swiss guards pull guard battle. Fortunately, the Swiss guards physically strong, there is no loss to Monaco's amateur players.

Latter is strong, the former are all amateur players



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