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Hao Junmin demand data left in Tianjin TEDA

Prince Poldi2010-03-09 15:10:33 +0000 #1
goals, the number of what appeared, Xie. .
u_look_like_sb2010-03-09 15:24:17 +0000 #2
Hao Junmin from 2004 to a total of 10 years, the effectiveness of the Tianjin Teda 5 years, during which time, his contribution is evident for Tianjin, which is why the Bundesliga shar g 04 would fancy him;

Hao Junmin a total of 132 appearances for the TEDA, and entering the 16 goals; in last season's Super League, Sun Jihai played 27 times, into two balls, eat 2 yellow cards

Sun Jihai is also a frequent visitor at all levels, Guo Zihao

behalf of the Chinese U17 played three times, enter 0

behalf of the Chinese U20 played the ball four times, enter 0 balls

behalf of the Chinese U23 played two times, into the 0

on behalf of the Chinese team played the ball 28 times, into the five goals

September 15, 2004, Tianjin Master Kong against Liaoning Rhu, this is the first show super-Hao Junmin; it is served, Tianjin 2-0 win;

2004 11 28, also against Liaoning, Tianjin 5-1 victory, Hao Junmin into the office sub-goals

October 31, 2009, Tianjin Teda against Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, Sun Jihai playing on consecutive nights, it was his The Super farewell fight and eventually 2-1 Tianjin, Guangzhou,



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