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Li so why are three stop

Dongxiao2010-01-23 00:01:23 +0000 #1
how was his latest stop in Shaanxi in the new three, and it Gansha of. To punish him in Shaanxi
Pinsengfahao eat2010-01-23 00:12:20 +0000 #2
Li due to Shua Taipai, training, negative experiences of the "three stops", that is suspended, stop training, without pay penalties. Li has left the team returned home in Shenzhen, Chanba this team fired a rectification first knife, which is also Chanba team since its inception to the players out of the most severe punishment alone.

It is understood that the incident was the direct trigger Chanba team the day before yesterday morning routine training, Li Wang Erzhuo face the ball game, Wang Erzhuo pain immediately fell to the ground, while teammate Li see pain, not only does not approached comfort apology, but rather stand on the sidelines laughing. Coach Cheng Yaodong very angry and immediately asked Li, but the "Great" Aggressive actually contradict coach, which Gengrang Cheng Yaodong Wohuo. Yesterday afternoon, after studying the club's decision to grant Li "Three stops" punishment.

Since this is a team that has been most severe punishment, it caused a great shock, Chanba club executives, said: "Li has long been out of the question, and the last warm-up match with Tianjin Teda, the hit each other's foreign aid, beat goes on-line transmission of the photos are up, giving the club have an extremely adverse impact, when the club he is a veteran team, taking into account only his education, hoping he can turn over a new leaf and concentrate on playing, but its is still not changed. Our club has always been to virtue and everything else, Cheng Yaodong has been very sympathetic, club members have never done such a heavy punishment. But for such incorrigible behavior, it is not Zairen, and after the ball team is a whole, Li's what everyone is watching. We strongly support the Cheng Yaodong, for the team all the factors of disharmony occurs, we must strictly rectification! "



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