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Two lumbar problems

scdzmaxiaoda2010-03-09 18:11:14 +0000 #1
I am a lumbar, 7 because they are playing the system, so I often need to break You Bianlu approached. My body is very strong (1 m 8,162 kg), kicked the opponent does not resist. But the other thing I know I am troubled by poor efforts to keep out the ball, or is about to push the ball very far, or is to let the ball go to the back of the heel. . . Please Gaoren guide

Also, anti-defense when I break the other side is still good, can be anti-lived, but there is collusion with the ball onto the other players, then I am a bit chaotic, and they pass two feet I was passed in They pass the time did not know which stare. Hope you can be listed, in the context of team-mate over how to deal with the timely defense, defense is not how to deal with the situation in a timely manner are extremely grateful
Haiming Desert Snow2010-03-09 18:14:24 +0000 #2
kick lumbar players belonged to the kind of barriers class players, the technical requirements of their own unlike the original play Qianyao player as the ball when you can not be modeled as a smaller player. Let's just say, generally the top hand is dribbling ball outside the instep, ankle, but because they are flexible, frequency of fast, so you can hit the ball outside the instep to help them have a faster time of extraordinary change direction and speed, which is height Tizhuang defensive player is very difficult to do. Analogy, outside the instep shooting is always better than within the instep shooting easier to grasp, it is because outside the instep of the foot hair strength. However, used in the Chinese context is very good grasp strength. The height and weight like you can look at more than reference to Gerrard's dribbling and defense. When his ball inside the ball more use of the arch, that is, you use the arch, like a short pass in that position, so that the ball will not be fast but it is solid, arched feet inside the same transmitter can be like a very accurate to let you out of the ball is straight. Therefore, when the multi-Tangqiu feet inside. In addition to the kind of smaller players outside of his leg to the outside fast ball change, the world football there is a very tall but is also used outside the ball, and use the most is Tangqiu extraordinary master, and that is Kaka. His style of play can be said that there is no shadow of Brazilians, and his step outside the instep Tangqiu change direction and speed can be said about the world, no one out their. Concluded that the defense, in fact, stopped the other side you can solo single that had already been very simple, two is too big a situation you do not have any relationship with, this is the time to do Do not pin-out, and so on come to help defend your teammates. If you have no teammates behind him, the same can not be easily pin-out, would rather be a strong opponent to the side of forcing goalkeeper, so that opponents can only shot that goalkeeper have the opportunity to seal the angle the ball. The last one is more accumulation of experience, I like the amateur players, no matter how quickly the speed technology, how good are the body have nothing to fear, the experience now will be judged according to their own counter-attack launched by a direct steal. Refueling bar!
ck95052010-03-09 18:41:14 +0000 #3
Wat Sai, LS powerful, admire admire
I want to Nao Yangyang2010-03-09 19:00:49 +0000 #4
lack of experience, multi-play, see more of the teaching video
718,520,1062010-03-09 19:39:05 +0000 #5
play more on the list



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