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When did Luis Figo moved to Inter from Real Madrid

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2005, Portugal superstar Luis Figo (Luis Figo) transfer to the Serie A's Inter Milan, and with the international Milan signed a two-year contract with the deadline to June 30, 2007. With his outstanding play, he quickly established itself as Inter Milan's position in Italy's first season came on to conquer a variety of entertaining fans. To quote the late President Facchetti assessment: "Figo in the last decade of international football and world football, have written an important chapter." In the two-year contract during the period of time, Luis Figo, the team continuously for has won the Italian league, Cup and Super Cup, its excellent performance for all to see. The end of the 2006/07 season after the club president Massimo Moratti, under the personal retention of Luis Figo Inter Milan has finally decided to effect a further year, to continue the team expedition 2007/08 Serie A season and the Champions League. The summer of 2008, Luis Figo once again one-year contract with Inter Milan. The 2008/09 Serie A season, the final round, Luis Figo to Inter Milan captain to participate in the capacity of the final match in the final at the San Siro Inter Milan 4:3 victory over visiting Atlanta. On behalf of the Inter Milan team in the four season, Luis Figo out of race in various events CPC 139 games, scoring 11.

First official race on behalf of Inter Milan: August 28, 2005 Serie A 3-0 home win in Treviso

the last time on behalf of Inter Milan team in: May 31, 2008 Serie No. 38 at home 4:3 Atlanta
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after the end of the 2004-05 season, the annual session of the 33-year-old Figo has been identified as Florentino Get the lead men, and good news but unfortunately it's Mora pedicle to bring it to the Apennine arena, so Figo can continue at the highest level of league where ride, in the Inter Milan four years, although Figo is no longer the absolute core of the team, but also contribute to four consecutive league Inter Milan much, and it is from his arrival in that season, the Inter Milan bid farewell to 16-year league crown without embarrassment period, from this perspective, is Inter's Luis Figo also be called lucky.



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