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Mention how to run speed up

figure9232010-03-09 23:10:48 +0000 #1
a long time without playing football. Began playing the past few years, but past that I have a fast pace and almost normal, and we played is not a formal competition, so that the number of non-formal non-normal game, the speed is really important. But I am now really worried, slow, and how to put up the speed in order to bar, seeking Answer! ! ! ! Very grateful to the! ! !
dlbliubin2010-03-09 23:23:56 +0000 #2
try to run quickly
Kaiser-Lin Na2010-03-09 23:41:21 +0000 #3
Although I am what content is adhesive, but I looked for you the absolute benefit from experts.

Explosive is defined as the shortest possible time so that devices (or the body itself) to move to try to distance the force. As the name suggests. The force is like an explosion of gunpowder, as loud could collapse in a flash of energy.

Some scholars use the following formula to represent the explosive power:

explosive force = force × velocity

the above equation is to specify the explosive force is composed of strength and speed.

In real life often can be seen, a very robust man, and his explosive power is not necessarily large, it is because he was at the maximum rate of force may not, or his degree of search quickly, but not vigorous enough. Only the body not only sturdy. Moves fast, have a large explosive force. To increase explosive power, there are three options:

One is not to reduce speed, an increase in power: the other is the case, without reducing the power to increase movement speed; third is the simultaneous increase in strength and speed.

Is usually the best way to grow is to increase explosive power, strength increase after the change in movement speed, based on the explosive growth naturally. Modern throwing, jumping, ball games and other projects of the athletes, in order to increase the explosive strength training very seriously the truth in this.


USA's most famous vertical jump training program, the ability to increase vertical jump is expected to excel at 20-30 cm above training process is hard, the whole process will take 15 weeks. For each action item, if a motion to for three groups, the groups can not be more than two minutes rest between, if completed, be made directly to the next project, remember not to rest! !

1st item: squat jump 1, at the beginning, squat to? Position, hands placed on the former, 2, up jumped off the ground for at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. Touch the ground when complete a. Next, simply repeat the above steps! ! !

The second: lift toes (toes) 1. First of all, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, and then only the toes on the top, heels should not touch the ground or Dianzhe 2. Toe carried to the highest point of 3. Then gradually down to complete one. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Third: Step 1. To find a chair to put one foot is entered, was 90 degrees 2. Do all of the jump in the air for foot longer on a chair, 3. repeat 2, the original take-off foot back into the chair, complete another jump. Fourth: Vertical Jump 1. Put your feet straight, and shoulder width, "lock" your knees ... 2. Just use your legs jump, only bend your feet Guo, try to bend the knee. .. 3. to the ground, when, and then quickly jump to complete a ... This is a difficult, You can use your hand to help jump ... Fifth: toe jump 1. to toe carried to the highest point, 2. rapid take-off with the toes, jump shall not exceed 1.5 or 2.5cm leapfrog practice is necessary for the improvement of jumping ability is certainly helpful, because this is a way to train strength. In addition, there are other ways. The first method is the most effective, and also the most difficult, and can make you bounce in a short time to improve. Specific practices: Wage Keng, about one meter deep. Your legs tied at 5 pounds of sandbags, jump into the pit. Try to load the case of leaping out from the pit. Half a month, it will pit deepened 20 cm, while the load increase by 2-3 pounds, continued to practice. Such a cycle, and finally can no longer lift heavy loads, not leaps from the pit when the practice to stop there. Lifting heavy loads, and then try to jump how high.

The second method, the effect is not very obvious, but easy to implement. Specific Methods: tie a rubber band on the ankle, standing vertical jump. Daily practice half an hour. But I feel that this approach not apparent. To develop explosive power, we must increase the muscle contraction strength and working distance, shorten working hours, strength training, make a small load of machinery for rapid movement, without reducing its speed, and gradually increase the load to improve muscle contraction strength. Just said use "bear cast" technology moves fall opponent, rely mainly on the strength increase explosive muscle contraction. Increase the power of technology can enhance the ability to control, so in ordinary training, not only the technical efforts, but also particularly in the increase, such as explosive power, efforts to improve the speed of muscle contraction. Practice has proved that high-intensity explosive is to improve the performance essential factors.

So how do to improve explosive power?

(A) transform load and speed.

(2) to strengthen professional and technical training to enhance muscle control and movement made the ability to relax before the force.

(C) the initial muscle length, only the lengthening of the muscle contraction only faster and strength.

(D) after the forces of practicing relaxation exercises. In the explosive force of the factors, forces play a leading role, so the strength of growth contribute to explosive growth. But the forces are by no means explosive. That does not have the power in actual combat will be able to make good use of technology. The explosive force of a judo athlete must pass the basic strength and speed, technology, combining the sensitivity of coordination in order to play. Some people can lift very heavy weights, but a wrestling fail at specifically is the lack of specific strength. Judo athletes confrontation, they need strength, but also the speed, but also endurance, strength of some of our athletes do not feel bad, the key is the special ability and speed-strength difference. Training in the future should pay attention to the general power transferred to the special forces, special forces based on the increase.

The development of power should pay attention to the problem:

(a) load. Facts show that only under certain conditions, the weight of strength training in order to make the power increase, and strength training in the use of a different load, the effect of different, therefore, vary in training, reasonable arrangements for loading. (B) the excess recovery. A lot of energy consumption of the movement of goods, sports stop catabolism secondary role, energy, material synthesis began to recover in excess of the original substances in the body of energy.

(3) training interval. Practice has proved that strength training in order to repeat the best, because the strength of fast-growing subsided after cessation of training is also faster.

(4) Age and gender. Strength training the same person at different ages during the reaction is different from the value of the size of the power of men and women are very different. Both men and women, as long insisted on strength training, to maintain and develop the strength of the quality of a good results.
bulaike12342010-03-09 23:20:28 +0000 #4
do something restorative training

I think you are talking about flexibility, agility of the ball, right?

Multi-play penalty, the ball back to what you feel just fine.
Rare Zhen Bao2010-03-09 23:38:06 +0000 #5
standings heard that the thumb is called rubber band in a short time to improve the speed
hocan2010-03-10 01:24:36 +0000 #6
more 跑跑 Bai Mei Sha trick
Magic lonely soul2010-03-10 01:41:08 +0000 #7
I personally think that a long time not playing, it may also exercise reduced physical fitness has fallen, I believe that as long as usual to take more exercise can boost fitness, speed increase is very natural. I also like playing football, but also quite a long time without major events, and now more time to spend, activities, and feeling came back



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