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Will Viola What are the characteristics and tactics now? ?

K Yi Fan2010-03-10 02:11:07 +0000 #1
Pairs of Serie A is not very understanding of feel that they are quite strong in the front court strength
tyhai03542010-03-10 02:22:05 +0000 #2
(1), the series - on the situation, whether the strength of Florence geometry

this issue is rather sensitive. Occupy the first four league a long-term, continuous planes beat Milan, Florence has shown a tremendous fighting power. Straight face at this time is indeed a serious blow to fans of the "Renaissance sense of superiority." While the team Aizhi Shen, hate the cut of a friend is also very naturally emerged extreme, angry state of mind. I personally think that the revival of Florence, has been as inexorable as the tide rolling in, but we must clearly understand the situation - such a renaissance in Florence, how to what extent.

1, Serie A situation

to discuss the nature of things, absolutely can not be separated environment in which it is located. Therefore, if we are to discuss the revival of Sa-lun, Florida, you must first analyze the situation in Serie A.

For this problem, we have had a heart upon, I would just platitudes, not very innovative. In general, Serie A's competitiveness is declining, and the polarization.

Due to the well-known European recession, football as one of the most money-burning exercise, perhaps the effect is self-evident. Florence from the old to the Parmalat bankruptcy collapse of the company; and then to the current managed Lazio and Genoa, Perugia's sinking, Italian football as a whole has been unable to attract high-quality player. Can guarantee the healthy development of the team is either not high wages of middle-club, or is the rich and powerful political forces of the old rich and powerful family. Thus, while there were 20 teams in Serie A, but the real, powerful and ambitious, but 6,7 branch. Therefore, a greater economic force in support of Florence can be achieved as long as the middle Serie A team level, it has been able to overcome at least 14 teams! Will be able to survive in Serie A. If we add a number of core players, but also in the previous step can be described as easy. Therefore, the current standings in Florence to occupy the forefront, of course, has its own huge increases in strength, but is largely due to reduction in the level of competitors, thanks to results where water is relatively large.

2, Florence's renaissance degree

For this, I do not know if it is not a meaningless question. Because from the meaning of the word terms, renaissance means the supreme right and the return of combat. But clearly, in the present who has not seen this in Florence, the despot who but myself, but the highest in the league rankings the forefront indeed cause for concern. So I think this concept should be further broken down look, that is, there are periodic revival. At least classified as "vital energy recovery" and "full recovery" two stage, while the current Florence, definitely belong to the former.

(1), according to data to demonstrate

from August 8, 2005 Italian Cup began, to February 19, 2006 ended, Florence conducted a total of 31 official game, including the league and Italian Cup.

A total score of 17 wins 7 flat 6 negative. 12 home wins a level in which a negative, relatively large component of the victory of a 3-1 win AC Milan and Inter Milan 2:1, other victories were taken from small clubs, not very convincingly, the only losing is against Lazio.

5 wins 6 road performance level 5 negative. Wins the Lecce, Siena, Ascoli, and low-level teams and 洛迪吉安尼 Cesena, or more than a small club.

6 games draw: reymigny, Messina, Rome, Empoli, Reggina and Udinese, quite normal.

5 games lost: 0:1 Inter Milan, Lazio 0:1, 1:4 Juventus (cup), 1:3 Sampdoria, 0-2 Livorno, it is not considered bad.

(2) from the star quality to elaborate

measure of a team whether they have the rule of force, star is an indispensable link. Because of the many game players can guarantee the quality and performance leap. This part I did not set out, because every fan will understand that the gap in this area of Florence, so this issue on the table had enough.

(3), the economic strength of the team

This is also no need to say more. Serie A is now actually only three strong, they get from television and sponsorship will be able to buy a huge income for one year the remaining 10 teams in Serie A, it does not have the economic strength of the Florence competitive, but also second only with three strong, and compared to the larger environment, the situation in Florence is much more to be happy.

3, sum up the above

From the above data shows that Florence's record is still very smooth, which shows that at present the team already in place in Serie A challenge any possibility of a powerful enemy, but the This is only "likely" and it has not arrived yet have the right to the point where the inevitable challenges. If you give a definition of the strength of Florence, then their only ranked team in Serie A mid-stream, but due to the presence of the main star Tony did the Florence to become more powerful. In addition, the home of the powerful have become the team to achieve good results of the guarantee and the performance of the dragon is the home team the biggest features of the middle. Florence has more than enough to explain the game to restore the ability in the class, but only less than the previous one more than the worst of the newcomers from the "rule" there is a considerable gap, as the team's performance and personnel thickness of the road are still far from less than three big giants.

(B) lose the ball and tactical analysis of the crux of

1, lose the ball

In the last series, I have to raise his own understanding of Serie A and the team's views expounded again . Now I feel the need to explore the two clean sheet. The two goals for Lazio does look good, there are flash in the pan, while the defense of Florence do have to bear a heavy responsibility for the clean sheet, but not As for the fans to lose their trust.

, Against 1: Behrami dynamic tilt scales

this, against the emergence of combination of three factors:

The first and most important, is the Behrami vitality

Swiss teenager should have been close to the right, but suddenly he was Emmanuel closer to the center, this time the ball has just been Laudrup actual siege in the midst of the siege of Florence, Zhong Jiang Next, no one can expect the next step to run the ball trajectory. However, the performance of Behrami was very good in this field, both in the break sidewalks or the defensive back to catch, he is the most dynamic player. The attack, he bet on the direction of the ball, and then use their own ability to score just come in handy, the key is to use a football as he reasonably consciousness, it was his performance of a person to balance a tendency to Lazio.

The second is Brocchi

There is no blame for the meaning of veterans, but it does have a clean sheet, the participation of veterans in order to seem so magical. In fact, the complement of veteran anti-quite in place when the ball Dubbo veteran has appeared in front of him. But unfortunately, the ball bounced to the right foot after the restricted area of Florence, resulting in the clean sheet.

The third is the ball's trajectory

right foot after a strong impact to the direction of movement of the ball can not be predicted, the ball can fly in the ring, you can also bounce back. This time it happened that it hurt Florence.

Look at these three factors alone can not take any cause out of a clean sheet. But the world is the case, the tendency of many tiny, it is possible to create a decisive outcome. Football changing to cope with emergencies is also a test team is an important criterion.

GA 2: Diloreto serious mistakes, rocky, good performance of the attack-minded

this clean sheet, there are two key points

First: Di Loreto defensive awareness slow

veteran long war to dredging, defensive awareness has degenerated ... ... It is precisely because he was too delayed, making offside will fail, and therefore take advantage of Lazio.

2nd: Rocky the good sense of

, he quickly discovered the defensive gap. Pascual, and Laudrup was between 3 Lazio player, Rocky is in the middle of the other two attacking players burst into the forbidden zone of Florence! This is also a flash in the pan, in such a "protection" cases, Pasquale, and Laudrup was no way to defend, while Fabio Liverani's passing did show the martial arts.

2, analysis of tactical

Florence, there is no offense more and more permissive, team tactics, such as the substitution Prandelli, like a very rigid and flexible edge in the beginning of the season converted completely disappear appeared this dilemma, the crux should be as follows:

1, veteran of the fitness reserves has been less than

team labeled as such, the key position of the sagging status of veteran can be said is the biggest factor, plus ever - The emergence of the state, reflecting the veteran is already useless physical problems. Florence in the past has a very sharp wings, Jorgensen, Fiore through frequent transposition and the Middle moving around the opponent's defense greatly compressed space, so one's own good Rikie assists only a play platform. But now, due to physical decline in Fiore, has not allowed his audience frequent Cut Road, so his performance is always like sleep-walking. The Emmanuel Jorgensen is no longer such winger assault-type players need stamina guarantee. Two veteran with misfiring, two in the center of a lack of ability to control the game, defender did not display their attacking space, the ball will be in Florence this mass disappearance of the high threat of Tatooine was weakened. Several large "killer" even the chance to display their not, the team results come from?

2, the decline in the quality of winger biography

If we say that the poor performance is a veteran team to play a bad one factor, then the two sides Wei Chuan is another in a decline in the quality of factor. Despite the lack of performance space, but the sidewalks, no one can pass is unstoppable. If you can contribute sufficiently accurate, in-depth biography Center Closed opponent, then even if the scenes that however bad, is still Luanzhongqusheng opportunities. But unfortunately, the couple's biography is not a siege that is too high, too low has been out of industry, Tony the face of such transportation will only see helpless.

3, from the details of the tactical, tactical rigid blame?

In fact, there is a contest details, which may reflect the state of the team may not be so bad as the outside world to see the players play poorly if there are too stringent tactical requirements of the factors?

The first 32 minutes, Florence midfield steal. From Jorgensen begun, Brocchi, Pazzini and Tony participation, Florence played a wonderful transposition infiltration, and Tony in the restricted area where success in winning the shooting opportunities. This shows that the former on-site staff have the ability to play as both spectator have penetrating football, but why does this always flash in the pan? If you really just Emmanuel, then hope that Prandelli in time to seize this opportunity to tactical reform; if it is too strict because the coach's tactical requirements, the team must pass by winger to play live in, then excellent match coaching is to stifle the biggest sinners.

4, the crux of tactical solutions

winger can not open up the situation, you may wish to try to attack Road a good choice. Monto rive and Kat Jimenez Lazio in the middle has to have caused so much trouble, while the Ukrainian law with the ball rarely seen in endo-Luxi also contributed a great opportunity for Tony. Which shows that the team is able to attack the Middle breakthrough. As Jorgensen and Fiore a temporary state of poor, so that two teenager while playing a little too adventurous, then at least consider the emission of a combination of old and a little, or wonders.



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