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We asked the players about European countries, the names issue.

kaede2162010-01-23 03:01:02 +0000 #1
For example, a typical England Name: Michael Owen.

Then is Serbia's Nemanja Vidic.

Well, I would like to ask all of these countries the typical name, give a good enough, then more familiar.

Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Russia.

I feel better Eastern European countries than in Western European countries distinguish between more and feel Gaussian, cove are more, and then the Netherlands are more Fan surname.
Kit Bar2010-01-23 03:11:57 +0000 #2
If you want to give the players a typical surname, for example, does not give players

1), Germany, Heinrich, which is a typical German name, I'll give an example: Uzbekistan striker Alessandro . Heinrich, and he is a German descent, his father is German, this name is able to reflect the problem

2) French pure white small, overseas departments and are more, so like Anelka or Henry's last name, and do not explain this problem, such as Franck Ribery he himself is of a Roman ancestry, or even be related to working with China, the typical player should be white, that is, native-born players --- such as Didier Deschamps, such as the Luo Teng

3) Spain gave very good: Raul. Garcia, Harvey. Garcia, as well as Raul Garcia are common names such as

4) Portugal: Fernandez, Alves, compare Latin

5), Italy, the Italian is better distinction between names, but not very convenient to express themselves, like what Antonini, Tony, Mazzolani, this type appears relatively high

6) Turkey: Comparing like with Hassan: This Middle name, Hassan. SARS, Al-Hasa. Murat, or Muhammad, as there is of Turkish origin Shore, and his name full name is: Muhammad. Shore

7) Greece: Karaoke Old Nice, zag Christodoulakis, obviously with Sri Lanka's

8) Denmark: Like Tuofu Ding, Sa Erding such names rather special and obvious, but not as much of Finland followed with Ning, of course, also many with Mori

9) Sweden: the same to bring the sum of the

10) Czech Republic: Eastern Europe west language, partial near Portland, so similar to the German family name or surname, and Poland, Austria surnames have a relative point of view, where well-known players: Petr Cech, Czech Republic There are many Cech, such as Gaussian are more

11) Poland: with the Czech Republic

12) Bulgaria: Cardiff at the end of

13) Ukraine and Russia are the former Soviet Union, and similar, more common: the husband, science ..
52kimi_20032010-01-23 03:20:14 +0000 #3
Serbia and Montenegro are all listed points from the Soviet Union, so what is strange and what is called Gauss's are more!



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