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Barca back on small law

840,931,3432010-03-10 15:11:06 +0000 #1
personal think it's impossible because of the small xavi Iniesta Barcelona already have gone to France is simply inappropriate to substitute him I felt a small law to the best of Real Madrid and Real Madrid Alonso lumbar position with the prop still Occasionally, a guest can look at the avant-garde -
Haiming desert snow2010-03-10 15:26:59 +0000 #2
Small law is characterized by very similar with Harvey, if he went to Real Madrid Real Madrid's midfield and that is of course duck to water, but now the problem is, if once he went to Real Madrid, it will definitely not go back to Barcelona in the future, while a small law itself is longing to be able to return to Barcelona someday, but unfortunately not the time now back to Barca, Barca is needed is an auxiliary of the Zuoha Wei Iniesta defensive lumbar, personally think that Liverpool's Javier Mascherano more appropriate. However, if the law so that small classes in a few years to pick up Harvey (Harvey, a 30-year), and now can not go to Real Madrid, Arsenal will be delayed to stay in a small law's future. If you stay at Arsenal, probably the next few years, with the championship is still missed a few years, whether the law there is a small top-level, or the body might still be able to ensure the health of all. Football world develops so fast, in case Lamaxiya again on a lesser powerful than how to do it. Therefore, a small law can now be said to be a dilemma. However, the latest news is that Barcelona is indeed reached an agreement with the small France next season, join Barcelona. However, this method might be to obliterate a small chance of winning the Golden Globe.
yanglei_19932010-03-10 15:52:27 +0000 #3
Arsenal will put people? Arsenal's midfield who you would not think of
nothing to tease cats to play2010-03-10 16:20:46 +0000 #4
Real Madrid midfield lacking creativity, the most artistic gold wolves are slowly grow old, small law really should go to Real Madrid



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