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The first round of the Bundesliga so cold do,

Full Moon Scimitar2010-01-23 04:01:38 +0000 #1
Bayern. FC Schalke 04. There is no reason why numerous. Other French Paris Saint. Saint Etienne are a big chance to Ying Bo.

2009-08-06 15:41 supplementary personal full support team for more than four-wave ran out.
little people yiyi2010-01-23 04:13:50 +0000 #2
Bundesliga Bayern addition to, not a good trust, in fact, if it is Bayern last season, do not say.

But I look at the new season of the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg may be able to continue to rise to popularity, signings continue, and the Bremen and Stuttgart, Germany took the team title after the end of the act very different.



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