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The Italian Super Cup in Beijing on why the election?

United Kingdom2010-01-23 05:01:37 +0000 #1

Pinsengfahao eat2010-01-23 05:05:33 +0000 #2
To commemorate the first anniversary of successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games to promote cultural exchange between China and Italy and cooperation!

The United States, Libya, Japan, low-cost competition in Beijing won the bid

In fact, the Italian Super Cup was originally expected to visit Beijing a year ahead of schedule. As early as in 2007 when the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau will have a host Italian Super Cup, the idea of "Let the Italian Super Cup in 2008 a test match Bird's Nest." Bird's nest in 2008 after the completion of the Olympic Games BOCOG requires that all have to be host test events to test the venue, security and reception work. For example, the Shanghai Stadium will host Juventus, Parma and the triangular tournament between Shenhua. Beijing Sports Bureau and the Football Association intends to use the Italian Super Cup as a nest of the test matches.

According to the original plan, this Italian Super Cup on May, followed by a bird's nest on the stage of entering the market closed. However, like the Community Shield and the Premier League, Italian Serie A Super Cup is the preseason, generally held in August each year. And the Italian side in contact with, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau found the Italian Super Cup and the Olympic Games in time of conflict. Until the Olympic games in November after the Beijing Sports Bureau before the Italian Embassy, commercial counselor at the Italian Football Association formally began a link.

Was not only in Beijing, China, the United States, Libya and Japan's three national associations are also active in the Italian bid to host the 2009 Super Bowl. Three aspects of the Italian Football Federation has already submitted to the planning book, the specific cost of the contractor, Beijing's bid is the lowest, and the Italian side said, "than the other three in the lowest gap between a 50 million euros."

Since then, the bid the direction of the Italian Football Federation is committed to standards to host the Olympic Games tournament. Development of the Chinese market, taking into account factors such as the Italian Football Federation's decision to put this year's Super Bowl held in Beijing. It is learned that two teams combined, at least in appearance fees for more than three million euros. "We can only say that the cost of Inter Milan is not only less than two million euros." Organizing Committee, a senior official said. This calculation, the two teams played the cost is more than 3,000 million yuan. This appearance fees will be paid to the Italian Football League, and then by the Italian Football League assigned to the entry of the two clubs.
yuguang6002010-01-23 05:16:19 +0000 #3
In order to improve the hearts of Italian football fans in China, the visibility and open up more of the Chinese market.
丨丶white-ting of the de-2010-01-23 06:19:02 +0000 #4
June 14 Xinhua Beijing Sports (Xinhuanet Yong Wang) as the world's top five most important English Premier League and Serie A two events, regarded marketing is targeted at the Olympic Games had just finished holding China. In this year's July 29 to August 8 this short period of Shi Yutian, the Italian Super Cup and the Premier League Asia Cup was held in Beijing-intensive. One in the Beijing Olympic Games Main Stadium, the Beijing Olympic Games men's football final held in the National Stadium "Bird's Nest"; the other one has chosen the venue at Beijing Olympics women's soccer final Beijing Workers Stadium.

Serie A and the Premiership, respectively, in the "Bird's Nest" and the public body set up beating the swing sets, who also attracting Chinese fans? Were seen on the pitch.

Beijing Football Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Wei, these two events involved throughout the planning negotiations. He explained that after the end of last year's Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing on the planning for the successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games to celebrate the first anniversary of the period, held a high level of international football competitions. The selected object, from the initial number of projects gradually narrowed to the Premiership and the Italian Super Cup. Choose to prepare for both events are held in order to be able to ensure a high level of competition. But they never imagined that the encounters, the Premiership and the Italian professional league football have shown race to be held in Beijing a strong desire to make the negotiations going on quite smoothly.

Chen Wei said, in determining the Italian Super Cup, the Chinese side once the organizers have had to abandon the idea of the Asian Cup English Premier League for the Premiership's opening up a relatively harsh conditions, but did not think that the Premier League are fully accepted. Demonstrated the sincerity of the other party, the Chinese side is very impressed, so made within ten days of the decision-intensive host two events and received five from the Premiership and Serie A high-level team. And on this basis, the race connotation deepened into Premier League football coaches in China's grass-roots training, interaction with the fans, as well as organize activities such as soccer forums, making it successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games to celebrate the first anniversary of an important series of activities integral part of the Beijing International football season.

In talking about why the English Premier League Serie A crash also at the event held in Beijing, the full reasons, Chen Wei, in conjunction with their negotiations with each other, accompanied by field trips to experience analyzed.

Chen Wei believes that last year successfully hosted the Beijing Olympic Games, making China and Beijing on the international sports organizations, produced a huge attraction. Beijing Olympic Games at the international level brought about by the enormous charm, far beyond our imaginations. This is to attract the Italian Super Cup and the Premier League Asia Cup settled in Beijing the most important reason.

In addition, the Beijing Olympic Games after the Beijing International Sports Center, efforts to build the city's strategic decision-making, enables the Government to coordinate and support high-level sports events organized by the intensity of an unprecedented large. High-level international football tournament will be held not only makes full use of the Olympic venues, but also able to fully meet the Chinese people after the Olympic Games the desire to enjoy a high level sporting events, which greatly enrich people's cultural and sports life.

It is in this strategic thinking, the Beijing municipal government has broken with convention, approved in a short period within the Shi Yutian to continuously hold the Premiership and the Italian Super Cup Asian Cup of these two high-level international soccer event. Moreover, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and other relevant functional departments is also coordinating "Bird's Nest", Beijing Workers Stadium, has played an important role in such work.

Chen Wei said, in this and the English Premier League and the Italian professional league football signed by the contract, there is no organized as in the past, like an international business competition, in particular, ask for the team specified in the international football star, the main players playing time thereto. Because we found that simply do not need this one, the Premiership and the Italian professional league football more than we would like to demonstrate a high standard, because they are in full swing after grabbing students come out of the Beijing Olympic Games a huge population of 1.3 billion piece of the market pie.

In China for more than 20 years of television history, the Italian Serie A, was originally a Chinese football fans favorites, but in recent years due to match-fixing, black whistle, as well as the financial crisis, no longer the style that year. For this reason, the Italian Professional Soccer League and two participating clubs are all in the Chinese market regain his quality brand has a very strong desire, which is the Italian side has been eager to carry out this Super Bowl into the "Bird's Nest," the driving force.

In order to give the world more than 40 countries and regions to provide high-quality television Italian Super Cup, Italian football league, Inter Milan and Lazio lead a high-level officials made a special trip to come to Beijing to implement the venue, food and accommodation in all the details of the game . In the international football has a "madman," said Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho to visit in person, and in the process of inspection to reject any media to follow in order to concentrate on, and the organizers of the event to prepare to implement one by one, signifying its importance degree. Inter Milan visit in Beijing, from the lawn to the amount of ice, massage table specifications and Training Institute for the use of different cone barrel specifications, all in accordance with Italian standard choice. This Italian Super Cup, all from the referee to the caddies brought over from Italy, they want to on the 100 million Chinese viewers authentic Italian football.

Chen Wei said the Chinese Premier's rationale for accepting a lower offer this option held in Beijing Premier League Asia Cup which is mainly the Chinese market needs to snatch Shiran. English Premier League in recent years because of television rights in Mainland China sales strategy mistakes, making dozens of Chinese TV stations had broadcast the English Premier League grand rounds have already been blown up the status of the hearts of fans in China plummeted. English Premier League Asia Cup in Beijing's low-cost landing, including its grass-roots coaches to be held in Beijing training with the fans, interactive activities organized by high-density, etc. The main reason is to fully restore the reputation of the Premiership, and to find a new one-cycle in mainland China TV channel market.

Chen Wei predicted, the Beijing Olympic Games has accelerated the pace of development of China's sports industry, the past Real Madrid, Manchester United Asian Bank Nuggets big business football model will soon become history. This value for money as the Italian Super Cup tournament will be high-end international brands, more and more in China's sports market.

He said that with joint efforts Wansheng Beijing, Beijing, Germany and some other rather high strength of China's burgeoning sports agent, who contacts with international sports organizations are increasingly close, a higher level of football matches will be appear in the "Bird's Nest" "public body" on the pitch. Some companies have already started to introduce some phase of the Champions League preliminary tournament preparations.
angel_sun2010-01-23 05:31:50 +0000 #5
may be in order to attract more fans in China. .
Novice2010-01-23 05:37:10 +0000 #6
Asia market development .... developing ...
whxu05192010-01-23 05:43:03 +0000 #7
enter the NBA since Yao Ming, the Chinese people loyal to heat, basketball, Italy, came to give us more football!
whean2010-01-23 08:34:36 +0000 #8
very simple business
win2010-01-23 05:30:07 +0000 #9
money. . . . .
jicniao19_dtnqj2010-01-23 06:50:25 +0000 #10
Oh, very well in Beijing.



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