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Shenhua away the real reason for numerous what is it?

michaelbes2010-01-23 07:01:03 +0000 #1

shpd7132010-01-23 07:03:56 +0000 #2
I personally think that there are several reasons:

First, the current Shenhua is clearly an outsider in the leadership of the professionals, as long as the occasional care Shenhua fans will be very clear that the current Shenhua real decision-making those who look at the world football, it is difficult to imagine a command of the bench coach of the team operations need to direct competition with walkie-talkie headset, after all, is not a NFL game, this is a football game

the second, the ball Team management of non-professional, some people apparently put the game into the virtual world of the real world, completely alone in the management of the team of their personal preferences, I can not imagine that this person in the management of their own business, does it this is the case

third, the club soccer team is a serious internal friction caused by extreme decline, especially in the defense, shorthanded, the current Zhezhi Shenhua 2 years ago by the Joint City and Shanghai Shenhua at the time the merger came , consolidated the original Zhezhi Shenhua because of its various lines of adequate staffing is not only a domestic super-object of envy envy, but once the sole super-hot candidate for the championship, but today's Shenhua team in three Online, staffing is very difficult, and sometimes the main players are injured or suspended, the location will appear on the top of the situation no one can, this situation is Shenhua team quickly built a 16-year history of unique, but even if this is the case, the club is still going on with Shuaimai the way the players still in the limit of some good players playing time, the national team's main striker dignified indeed reduced to the club's reserve players, after all, is not played Gao Lin five major league, but the Super League, resulting in numerous road so it is normal

4th, the club put the question, for professional football is, in order to achieve good results a certain amount of input that is one of the conditions necessary for the Super League run, it is particularly the case, several foreign aid coupled with a number of the outstanding performance of the domestic players, often can make a team appear reborn the performance of the 95,03 season review Shenhua won such a situation is particularly the case, but the contrary, the current Shenhua, particularly in foreign aid would be able to Xiao conceivable, although the club said the purchase of these foreign aid spent over 5,000 million yuan, nearly half of the season, but since the performance of these players even lay their true would also be worth a glance

fifth, an away match some of the stadium atmosphere, although some of the road there will be Blue Devils fans set off, but such an atmosphere is far from Hongkou can be compared, in the Hongkou Shenhua team has 12 players are also is the fans cheer, but the road is clearly impossible to achieve such an atmosphere, of course, should not be the main reason to justify Shenhua



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