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The former national team striker characteristics of players Marin?

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How old this year, he is now engaged in what kind of job?
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Marin resume to 1962, was born in Liaoning, and 1974 into the Dalian Sports School

1976 , was transferred to Liaoning Provincial Sports School

1980, selected Liaoning youth team, access to youth league top scorer in 1980, the same year, selected for National Youth Team in 1982 and entered a team of Liaoning, has been the effectiveness of the team to the 1994

1982 , selected countries hope to teams (National Second Team)

1984, the national team until 1990, retired from the national team to 1992 and was leased to the Japanese NKK Liaoning team effectiveness for one year to 1995, joined the Dalian Wanda

1996 years, announced his retirement from football, and served as team manager of Dalian Shun Fa, assistant coach in 1999, was invited to serve as ESPN Sports football commentator in 2000, served as assistant coach of Liaoning to 2003, served as coach of Liaoning, has won the league sixth, the fourth to 2005, served as head coach of Chongqing Lifan

Marin and the Chinese football three decades (Chart)

2005-02-26华商网- Chongqing Times

Marin arrival of the Lifan newspaper data for dynamic

Editor's note Marin Who are you? Lifan this question for most fans, can easily list many types of answer: Lifan's new coach, Liaoning, 10 consecutive main players once the first center in Asia ... ... these are around at different times in the Liaoning Tiehan the head of the ring. However, you understand the ring behind the Marin do? Did you know that Marin and the Chinese football three decades what to do along the way? February 20 evening, Kunming, Yunnan Hongta base, where he was staying in the Lifan coach Marin 13 202 rooms, newspaper reporters and the former "Asian No. 1 center," to sit down together, there is not much greetings, and our topics directly from the Marin touch the moment talking about football.

Liaoning player Marin ---

never give up, success personal Grand Slam

1995, Marin at the time of the Dalian Wanda ended his career. The photo shows the 1995 season, Marlin A A League Dalian Wanda's match against Beijing Guoan, sitting on the bench

"To be honest, my congenital conditions are not good, whether it's endurance and speed, peers, many of than I am good. but it may in some respects than they are, I do well, and that is hardship. "

" Chongqing Times ": As of 2004, you walked with the Chinese football just 30 years time. What are the reasons did you choose this path of soccer?

Marin: coincidental. I was in Dalian people, but was born in Heilongjiang Qiqihar, followed with his parents in Hefei to be a period of time, until 5 years old before returning to Dalian. His parents, both workers, usually have no time to control me, and my family again very close to the stadium from Dalian, so often a bunch of peers to go around the stadium watching, and slowly became interested in football. Subsequently named the school's soccer team organization, and later was elected to Dalian sports school coaches Since then, formed a deep bond with the football.

"Chongqing Times": Thanks to this coincidence, or Chinese football would lose a good center.

Marin: To be honest, I congenital conditions are not good, whether it is endurance and speed, many of their peers than I am good. But may in some respects than they are, I do well, and that is to endure hardship. Because I know I can not catch up with the innate respect of others, but I can put themselves through efforts to become a very complete player, I can in technology, awareness and grasp of shooting opportunities, and strive to exceed competitors.

"Chongqing Times": Even though you have been working very hard, but it seems you have a path of growth is not smooth?

Marin: It should be said, is full of suffering. To my collarbone broken off, his legs torn medial ligament has also been before, there are other players fear most injuries I have also tried. In particular, that the ligament tear in 1980, let me in Thailand, the Asian high school students complete game performance disorders, not only makes the coach I have a deep view, they would feel very good showing, often self-blame in their hearts, Indeed, people kind of feel sad, I almost thought of giving up once.

"Chongqing Times": Can you still stuck with it.

Marlin: That's insistence did to me in the future is very important. To be able to selected the subsequent formation of the National Youth team, I took my injury took part in the Football Association organized three training, ligament injury, I use tape to wrap the legs tightly to the later, not even a hair of my legs not, and all in a day after training, when demolition tape to tear down. In addition to this experience let me learn more about the pursuit of football, but also told me a truth: the world no one would have mercy on you, to be successful, only to pay more than others.

"Chongqing Times": Do you play in the club when the game is what most impressed by a?

Marlin: I am impressed at the club game in 1989 won the AFC Champions Cup, which is China the only time the club won the Asian championship.

I clearly remember that fight with us for the final winner is Japan's Nissan team (now the Yokohama F Marinos). We first leg away 2 to 1 victory over his opponent back home Wulihe stadium, Wulihe has experienced unprecedented full. Due to injury reasons, I only play again in the second half, when the score was 0 to 0, but as soon after I play, my time assists to help Xu Hui broke the deadlock, but also by virtue of this goal, the Liaoning team raised their亚洲冠军杯championship trophy.

"Chongqing Times": As a player, you experienced the Liaoning team 10 consecutive glories as well as the 1984 squad won the inaugural China Cup championship. After winning the Ya Jubei, your career more backward in a National Games champion, you can achieve the Grand Slam of the club.

Marin: It can be considered in the Liaoning team, I wish the last one bar! Fortunately, in my 31 years old, I finally realized this desire.

Tell the truth, in fact, the age at the time the Liaoning team have generally too large, and of course, also in the mentality of a real mature. 1993 National Games, in many players bite the insistence, we end up in the hosts at the door of the Beijing team will be champion reverted to pocket and realized I was the club's last tournament win. From this moment onwards, I also feel that his career has been on the drawing to a successful conclusion, I feel at the Liaoning team has left no regrets.

"Chongqing Times": there is a problem we might be concerned about the big players are now easily a million in annual revenues, but also a game of winning prize money is on the 10000, how did you pay?

Marlin: (laughs) is simply not much of that time annual salary. I entered in 1982, a team of Liaoning, the monthly wages of 37.5 yuan, followed by those years, each of us to take time champion wage will increase 10 yuan, when the rose to 160 when it can no longer do not go up. As for the prize money, the only thing I have an impression that is the first FA Cup title, each of us the main players made a 600 money, this is already a considerable amount of income.

Chinese striker Ma Lin ---

miss the 5.19, experience "black three minutes"

1988, China completed the Chinese national team football for the first time out of Asia initiative, and there was Marin (formerly the row second from right) is also the national team's main striker

"That's game, I scored in the first half the Chinese team's only goal, the ball also helped the Chinese team leader for nearly 90 minutes. may in the final 3 minutes into Qatar with two goals, the Chinese players are also a few minutes a few years efforts have been completely ruined. "

" Chongqing Times ": to talk about you and the team's first intimate contact.

Marlin: I first selected the national team in 1984, but I was just super-team substitute. That year the national team to participate in the Asian Cup held in Singapore, a total of 19 players to go, although I am in the big list, but the coaching staff gave me Quemo enrollment, I was sitting in the stands passed that session of the Asian Cup.

It was at that session, after the race, I went back to the domestic Bianxiang National Training Authority submitted a report, said he was also unable to meet the capacity requirements of the national team, would like to withdraw the national team return to the country two teams to continue to train. Training was appointed Deputy Secretary for the year Weisi read my report, I take the initiative to withdraw from the national team on the move really appreciate that I have the courage to face failure, and then they approved my request, I and the national team first contact is also a very unique approach to this end.

"Chongqing Times": this is what your decision, you missed the 1985 World Cup qualifiers, "5.19 incident."

Marlin: (laughs) strange combination of circumstances! Actually, when I quit the national team even after they have the opportunity to participate in May 19 that year, with the Hong Kong team that game. Year, I participated in Hefei Invitational, the team told me to issue a transfer order, so that I accompanied the national team World Cup qualifiers in training, but I was on the national team there is a serious psychological shadow, that if the national team is not me play as the official candidate, I would prefer not to, and therefore rejected the team's transfer order, and thus missed the "5.19" It's a disaster.

"Chongqing Times": So when you really get on the location of the main national team?

Marin: 1985 in September. The impact of the World Cup team was reorganized after the failure, the annual Weisi get back at it as a coach, I was officially transferred to the national team selection, from the beginning that time I have been occupying the main striker position.

Unfortunately, I sat in the main location, the national team for the first time big game we did not succeed, in 1986 Asian Games, although I personally entered the top three scorers, but the Chinese team in a quarter of the a final penalty shoot-out was Kuwait. I regret most is that this game once the second half I had a good scoring opportunity, but because I did not choose to immediately shot and ultimately adversely affected by aircraft, have been the other side of the defender against the ball back to destroy. Waste that opportunity to let me see the next one truth: what is wrong than hesitant to strong. If I choose to shoot that, even if you went into, I would not have left so many regrets.

"Chongqing Times": However, generally speaking, you should say that session of the national team is successful, because you the first time in 1988, is also the only time the Chinese football into the Olympic finals. That the impact of the process of leaving your most memorable things what is it?

Marlin: the impact of that success is our generation's most proud of the football team. If anything memorable, it is to compete with the Japanese team ended the final qualifying match.

Since the 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul, South Korea advance directly to finals as the host, the only places in East Asia Division, from the real sense, in fact, the Chinese team and Japanese team competition. However, the two sides contest the first leg of the Chinese team lost 0-1 in Guangzhou, the Japanese team, while the final qualifying match is away to our Japanese team, we have only one way to win this final. I still clearly remember the game that day is 1987 October 26, the Chinese team finally defeated the hosts 2-0.

Now in retrospect, in addition to the Japanese team before the game we have line of defense, characteristics and state of mind to do a detailed understanding of things, that game is the Japanese team beat ourselves, Bao-ping outlet so that they can be timid in the race, when we In the pre-season training ground to see the face of stiff Japanese players after the expression, I know that they have won the game. Liaoning team in 1992, I was leased to the Japanese NKK team effectiveness, the then assistant coach Matsuura also match the main members of the Japanese team, he was later in the day Gen Woliao also talked about the match, saying that Japan itself carries the pressure that ruined the chance to enter the Olympics.

"Chongqing Times": Maybe you no longer wish to bring up the past, but talking about your national team career, it may never be able to avoid that "black three minutes."

Marlin: Of course, that game is what I consider themselves the most important life game. Because that game if we win, we will enter the summer in Italy.

That game, I scored in the first half the Chinese team's only goal, the ball also helped the Chinese team leader for nearly 90 minutes. May in the final three minutes, Qatar with two goals, the Chinese players are also a few minutes a few years efforts have been completely ruined. End of the game, I had quit the national team's idea, if not the national team want me to participate in 1990 Asian Games held in Beijing, I was sure that would choose to retire in the national team. Because I am a very pale looking for victory against those who failed took it seriously.

"Chongqing Times": I also would like to ask this, the team goal that Qatar is not the deepest impression on your life in one?

Marin: In my football career, no one had the ball has left me a deep impression. As a center, my responsibility is to score, I just finished the last one team offense process, and I never put his own goals as a memorable and show off things.

"Chongqing Times": Can any case, you still in 1987 and 1989 the national team's top scorer,But also by the "Asia's first center" in the title.

Marlin: I think that is an incentive for me everyone, I have never considered themselves as "the best center in Asia."

Well-known Young Marshal Marin ---

from the narrator to the conquest of football

"China's basic skills are solid young players, but once an adult, the overall apparent lack of a sense of personal location is not clear. It is also Why do Chinese football was always possible to achieve good results in international youth competitions, while the national team but the reason is difficult to stride in Asia. "

June 10, 2003, Marlin became the agent of the Liaoning team coach after the coach's first game is against Changchun Yatai The photo shows the command of Marin in the race if the set

"Chongqing Times": Many well-known retired players, and soon embarked on a coaching path, and your experience seems to not the same.

Marin: Dalian Wanda retired in 1995 after the second year I have served as a B team in Dalian Shun Fa and assistant coach of the team leader. By the end of 1996, I left the coaching job to the Dalian Foreign Languages College in French, as Wanda would like to send two young coach to go to France to refine, let me do a good job to go to France to prepare. Did not expect that, in 1998 China's Wanda Group out of football, my visit to France is also bankrupt.

1999, I went to ESPN Sports, giving them a year when the football commentator. Until October 2000, I was again thrust backwards football began as assistant coach of Liaoning.

"Chongqing Times": Many people now recognize the role of coaches in Marin, but also almost from the beginning of the Liaoning team.

Marin: Back to the Liaoning team, I have done the last three years of teaching assistants. In 2003, the Liaoning team to hire foreign teachers Penev of Bulgaria after school due to poor record, the club decided to let me go on top, I was starting to really embark on the most front coach. But after I took office, the Liaoning team quickly gained five undefeated achievements, when league team also won the league Liaoning sixth, which made me change the roles and functions looked very smooth. In 2004, the Liaoning team won the league Fourth, many people are gradually Marin coaches a certain understanding.

"Chongqing Times": on a new role and get the greatest feeling that?

Marin: In the past I always felt pretty good player in time, but later realized this is only the first phase of football life. When the players feel quite aggrieved when the total, and very often they want to be helping people, but the total lack of understanding of, and thus would produce a number of people in mind to blame. But pick up the pointer before we know the coaches there are indeed many factors that need to be considered, especially when the team played in the selection, Jishihaoren team, which always played only 11 people, the other players, some will inevitably generated hostility toward you情绪.

However, touch football 30 years, I found that there is one point in time when the players and coaches are the same, that is, never give up!

"Chongqing Times": In general, in the present Chinese football, many people have recognized that when the players and coach of the Marlin, but many insiders are aware that your success apart from their own efforts, is also inseparable from a person's help.

Marin: It should be mentor Wang Hongli. First of all, he selected me from the sports school in Dalian, Liaoning provincial team; and I almost say goodbye to professional football when he was again in 2000, recalled me from ESPN Liaoning team as an assistant coach, he told me of cultivation can be said to be "sending a Rotary launched way."

In particular, in 2002, when the English Football Association and the Chinese Football Association to conduct exchanges, ready to send some coaches to the British studies, while the Hong-Li Wang's mentor again this places give me, let me learn a lot in the Premiership advanced coaching philosophy , can be said that the studies that give me the understanding of football and coaching has had a leap. In the UK watched other people's training and competition, many have been hidden in my mind the Chinese football doubts and loss, but also quickly resolved.

"Chongqing Times": Are you referring to wonder what is?

Marlin: We have a lot of players though fame in Asia, but the heart has always felt strong and so not, this feeling has troubled us a lot of people of that era. Went to England, I found where the problem lies: China's young players the basic skills are solid, but once an adult, the overall apparent lack of a sense of personal location is not clear. This is also why the Chinese football was always possible to achieve good results in international youth competitions, while the national team but the reason why is difficult to stride in Asia.

Lifan coach Marin ---

thank Yin Mingshan, with victory in return for the fans

February 20, Marin interview

our reporter Ning Aijun Photo

"Lifan specific ranking in this year's I can not predict. but I am sure that the Lifan team in this year's league will definitely be using Earned dripping of the attack, impregnable defense to attract fans of the eyeball, with the victory to reward the fans support. "

" Chongqing Times ": You is now head coach of Chongqing Lifan, but Lifan club to give you absolute confidence.

Marin: With last year's wind and rain, I will cherish that trust. Able to come Lifan, I am most grateful to the chairman Yin Mingshan, he not only full confidence in my personality, but also my ability to provide a positive, I could use my efforts to return that trust and recognition.

"Chongqing Times": the ability to talk about your eyes Yin Mingshan and Lifan club do?

Malin: I and Chairman (Yin Mingshan) contacts are not many. However, meeting several times, I can very deeply felt his integrity and good, when I came to Lifan, he not only for me to create a good atmosphere, but also to maximize the guaranteed right of the coaching staff . Moreover, he proposed "to build long-established Chinese football," the idea of our new coaching team touched every person he attaches great importance to the cultivation of youth football, I think this is the lack of Chinese football most places.

As for the club, I think that there is a very young Lifan management, we develop awareness in innovation and has its own unique perspective, I Lifan is a very promising prospect.

"Chongqing Times": There may very realistic, in your office, the clubs and you have not set a specific goal?

Marin: Lifan this year, I can not predict the specific rank. But I am sure that Lifan team in this year's league will definitely be using Earned dripping of the attack, impregnable defense to attract fans of the eyeball, with the victory to reward fans for their support.

"Chongqing Times": I am also on behalf of the Department of Chongqing Times Sports News table a state, we will do our utmost to help the team, and Chongqing Lifan football progress!

Marlin: I have to thank on behalf of Lifan team "Chongqing Times" has always been support. According to my understanding, Chongqing Lifan team has been for the media is very tolerant, even in the team performance is very good, Chongqing, the media still cheer for the team, fueling.

Our reporter Ning Ai-jun




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