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Internet legend players have been kidnapped and buried alive how the matter?

woshi0072010-01-23 12:01:39 +0000 #1

Stoudemire2010-01-23 12:05:29 +0000 #2
Kinder Club players Lizhen Hong suspect that this fixing of matches, the use of violent means to intimidate its recognition triad crimes, Li Zhenhong I came close to being buried alive in the event
Zezheng2010-01-23 12:38:42 +0000 #3
Chinese soccer gambling crackdown since the sweep into a new one round of hot spots, all kinds of Jiemi football match-fixing and betting scandals and the book is also on stage. Club, the former chairman of the Henan Jianye Zhang "Soccer door" be exposed, in 2006 he led a successful Henan Jianye team Chongchao year, Guangzhou team with 20 million on the purchase shady ball after a steeper The football expose the black books would soon be published book called the "Chinese Football Insider - the storm of anti-counterfeiting anti-crime", the main contributor is the year because of the opening event of the football Wang Po newspaper reporter Liu Xin, Wu consultation, Licheng Peng.

Licheng Peng of the book as "a match-fixing anti-crime gambling guide grasping," What the book in the end, what will the Chinese football shady? Through sectoral text, we can read out the explosive power. "China Football Insider," The fourth part in Xiamen blue lion a year to fight the problem of 10 balls were introduced one by one, from April 30, 2005, Xiamen, Qingdao Blue Lion 3 to 1 Hailifeng to October 2005 5, the Blue Lion, Xiamen, Dalian Shide 0 to 5 can be said that the team of Xiamen in the fixing of matches in 2005 season implemented throughout the year.

Is even more incredible is that the book apart from the competition in this part of the competition, screenings, results, how the joints, as well as the two sides before the game will be the race scenes, Handicap combined with an introduction, no doubt looking for the public security organs The new breakthrough in anti-crime crackdown a specified direction.

Licheng Peng personal blog, writes: "When the progress of the case began to slow, we hope this thread can promote the development of the case forward, and not just stop at Wang Po, Xu Hongtao, particularly the roles for these small body, Perhaps, being buried alive, Changsha Jinde Li Zhenhong that say what happened in the end, as well as that collected 200,000 commission, a well-known defender, if you can become tainted witness of this crisis are, in fact, is a new stone in mind the old pressure , is more than bad enough to come forward to testify. "

regardless of the ultimate Chinese football, this mighty movement to eradicate anti-crime crackdown to be the number of black sheep, but Licheng Peng and his colleagues, and even risk their lives for the public display more shocking were true. A blog, there is such a passage: "That in China, famous for insider football again, exhortations not to write that the name of the kidnapped Kunitari captain, do not say that 2.8 million sent to the club which, as some Chinese football heavyweights to testify on the World Cup qualifiers that field disorders on the more bizarre events, we gradually have the real answers. "

" Chinese Football Insider - the storm of anti-counterfeiting wipe out "is the description of the Such a commonplace in China, but will soon begin football insiders tip of the iceberg of the many shocking stories. Book one, I believe that more staff involved in fake Chinese football has not sit still, let us wait and see to start a more thorough purge. Chinese football peace, the needs of just such warriors.



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