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Do not Cry2010-01-23 12:02:03 +0000 #1
Football news and football commentator What is the difference? Reporter should be writing, commentators do not, is not it?
hong2010-01-23 12:08:01 +0000 #2
general football commentator's more professional than football, because most football commentators are former players or coaches. The Football Writers for the press industry for more background, many do not understand football, and slowly after exposure to understand. Writing or not, there is no strictly limited. Most commentators are writing. We can look at the Chinese Football Association football commentator qualification audit notice.

In view of "soccer commentator" has become a highly paid professional industries, has become an inseparable part of Chinese football in order to improve the quality of employees, purify public opinion environment, the association decided to unified management, the implementation of induction eligibility verification system, the initial key requirement are as follows:

1, male

Note: In order to prevent women with body writing, and of those interviewed for up close after the influences of objectivity.

2, aged 35 years old

Note: To prevent young people for the sake of the development of blockbuster deliberately made the language is not surprising swear off like, influences objectivity. The 35-year-old and over, the family business mentality have been mature, and be able to objectively cover the event.

3, there must be served at the provincial level soccer experience

Description: Soccer is the world's first movement, highly specialized. Had not received advanced professional training, those who have experienced a high level of competition it is difficult to comprehend its substance. In order to prevent a commentator for "as long as the Maradona of death, we can get rid of the Argentine" - (crap! Who does not know! You are playing to stare nag try! Can do?) - Sort of ignorant comments, specially formulated this provision, we must understand the difference between watching and playing football.

3, for current practitioners, conditions are particularly prominent persons, may from time to make the third request. However, the organization must accept the Chinese Football Association "senior trainer" training and passed the examination in order to enhance their professional attainments, a more comprehensive understanding of football. Prevent the emergence of China before the executive coach of Brazil's soccer coach from China's lack of expertise (such as the formation of the requirements, etc.) and active disorder questions to reporters to discredit the class to the Chinese football scene.

4, the comments made not out of the game itself. Non-appearance of the football as the carrier, the head of football for the howling lyrical nature of argumentative articles, articles must be based on technology-based football. To "Lineker" as the standard.

5, practitioners must be to a year in the Chinese Football Association headquarters in vetting interviews. Unlicensed practitioners receiving the media, the association will cancel the interview with the media all matters relating to the qualifications of Chinese soccer.

6 to examine their own expense.




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