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Prompted to guess the players NO.4

Manchester United Twinkle Twinkle Little Star2010-03-15 09:10:38 +0000 #1
1. He was a very promising players were, in a contest in the First World War fame

2. But his career did not come as expected, a very brilliant people.

3 . He is very good header and the soles of the feet technologies.

4. he played for five teams below, the most famous team is only now declining rich and powerful family.

5. He was known as his country's golden boy However, over time, his country has thrown up some players, and gradually overshadowed his brilliance. Now he has been gradually fading out of Europe's top-level game.
Vincent5112010-03-15 09:20:04 +0000 #2

2000 European Championship for England was a war fame

Hunde not up to much.

His header at the foot of good.

Go to Florence, engaged in similar acts, but Florence is downhill.

Now I do not know Why he had.
westlifercn2010-03-15 09:52:32 +0000 #3
Sweden Brolin? That baby face?
Reincarnation の Asia United States2010-03-15 10:14:33 +0000 #4
Bordeaux Argentine Kaweinaji.
liujian_07302010-03-15 10:29:30 +0000 #5
Cisse is not a bar
scarson2010-03-15 09:35:23 +0000 #6
He should be the Spaniards.

Could that be a Cesc Fabregas?



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