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Please detail the best team in South America, Argentine defender Otamendi?

alanhuang09242010-01-16 00:25:34 +0000 #1
It could play in next year's World Cup, the main force?
Bar Kit2010-01-16 00:36:08 +0000 #2
Nicholas. Otamendi, 1988 February 12 Born in the Argentine town of Pacheco, height 178, weight 75KG, who currently plays for Velez Sarsfield A A team composed of Sa

he and papa Lichfield gold halfback combination, the current Otamendi had received Inter Milan, AC Milan, Chelsea and a number of big clubs in Europe's invitation, but Papa is also expected to join Spanish club Getafe

Otamendi actually Sa Lichfield adult teams play games from the 2008 start of the season after he has been training young team camp, but only through a season, A A exercise, he would into the nag Hogan, to be named Argentina's national team, and may even be starting position

In the Argentine he called a small Ayala, figure is not high Otamendi and the former Argentina captain, like right there with the air and protects the body's ability to judge Ju to the future is indeed unlimited

As for the World Cup in South Africa he wanted to play the main difficulty is not small, if the rock and Bayern generals Samuel Derby kelly energy and nag carding a good relationship, Otamendi main location is almost impossible, but the question now is nag like to reuse the Help A A young man, so the key to see the attitude of the old horse, but there is such as Argentina, Pareja, such as Gareth, such as Diaz such a good defender, and even Nicolas Burdisso, nor is no chance of



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