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Goalkeeper gloves are the number of centimeters

121,419,9062010-03-16 09:11:36 +0000 #1
S and M and L, respectively, the number of centimeters, urgent! That rate of return! ! !
Maple Leaf Autumn residues Dihua se2010-03-16 09:25:18 +0000 #2
17-18 cm Select 7 yards

18-19 cm Select 8 yards

19-20 cm Select nine yards

20-21 cm Select 10 yards

21 -- 22 centimeters Select 11 yards

measurement standards is to ask the detailed pictures of that stripe from the wrist line to the middle finger fingertip length

For the adults generally do not have to wear gloves because of size 6 is too small and the professional players There are many relatively large hands the general wear 9 and 10 are more 11's are also very few people wearing too much

goalkeeper gloves, the relative size of the table (for reference) If you do not know how much wear gloves, you can refer to the following! ! ! However, for reference only, since different brands of gloves, size standards are also differences between the! ! ! Click to get gloves brand experience, the world's largest brand reusch goalkeeper the code is too large and the world's second-largest brand Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves adidas is relatively standard code of the code NIKE smaller more normal Puma UMBRO lotto yards a little too big This is just personal opinion Hehe There is another point with a glove retaining means generally small, especially ADIDAS on-adults most of us are wearing 9 yards to 10 yards wearing a big hand in hand wearing a little small, 8 yards, if you normally wear gloves nine yards then he chose to take care that gloves should be slightly larger than a yard choice! REUSCH gloves normally wear 9 yards, then you ADIDAS have to wear gloves 8 yards the most appropriate gloves because the AD is too small!
Lone goal2010-03-16 09:46:24 +0000 #3
Which brands? General Gloves Only numbers



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