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Seeking a fm2008 Arsenal's formation

1989kaka19892010-03-16 16:11:44 +0000 #1

bayern272010-03-16 16:28:20 +0000 #2

Lehmann (France than in Ansky) / Eboue, William Gallas, Kolo Lei, Krishna / Gilberto, flushing Rimini (Denilson) / Cesc Fabregas (Eduardo), Tomas Rosicky, Van Persie / Adebayor

1, Arsenal have a good lineup to open files, that is, lumbar almost, Mathieu Flamini strength is not OK, Gilberto easily be dug, a few demon an open-file real strength, playing lumbar very dangerous, so make up a cow lumbar basically you can, and if voloso, banega and so on, and then smashed the sorcerer goalkeeper to do Lehmann successor, it wants to

2, formation, Arsenal play a single striker it wants to put on the ST Department, Emmanuel Adebayor, Eduardo and Robin van Persie AM Pull into the restricted area around separation, the degree of freedom is best slightly high; MC Service Act with cloth and Tomas Rosicky, Diaby Denilson several sorcerer's generation, such as shifts in use; DMC op; after the defense of basic reference to reality, so that Krishna and Sarnia can be more forward runs assists; He Laib the front basically all green, is Tiger Balm

3, tactics, focusing on offense, degree of freedom slightly higher, passing focus on short pass, fly with both wings, presumably so that
Xi Yang Yang King2010-03-16 16:19:38 +0000 #3
2010 No 09 Bar is also 09 which can be invincible Arsenal



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