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Chinese soccer: football, anti-gambling, is called gambling do?

zoux1002010-03-16 23:10:22 +0000 #1
A club to another club money, let him turn on the water, there are a number of other bribery,

is obvious that the match-fixing how is gambling? ? ?
Amazal2010-03-16 23:14:25 +0000 #2
fixing of matches in advance of the people know the result, and even have set a good score, and they go to gamble there is no pressure Handicap gains?

Gambling companies, bookmakers in order to make money, bribe the players, coaches and even referees, clubs, according to their Handicap on the situation, manipulation of results of the competition, so that to maximize results in line with their interests.

One club to another club money for match-fixing, the club is probably intended for their own, but other insiders will to gamble on making money for themselves in ... ...
LOVE_ agree2010-03-16 23:59:49 +0000 #3
because of the gambling companies to participate in! Such as Beijing Guoan Shandong Luneng, I bet on national security will win, if the national security of the bookmakers to win not to lose it? So let the national security to lose, how to do! ? Only be able to find the national security team members to give him money to turn on the water ah! So this is called gambling a!
nottsGenius2010-03-17 00:30:57 +0000 #4
your question very well, in fact, nothing wrong with gambling and the implementation of many advanced countries have legalized gambling, not only does not inhibit fair play football, but gain a lot of money for the promotion and youth football training and so on. In fact, such acts have been said to be betting on football is very scientific, because the problem lies in the system, which they wish to rely on gambling companies. . . Football gambling company is, the club put pressure on the right is a scourge to all problems, but more important is that the Chinese football who have not withstand their threat and reward, other countries, I do not believe there is no such problem! But other countries have a healthy soccer system is the system to prevent their football circles onto the wrong way.



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