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VfL Wolfsburg coach who is now?

CD Lulu2010-03-16 23:10:34 +0000 #1
Introduction for specific individual circumstances
fly12522010-03-16 23:22:29 +0000 #2
German local time January 25, VfL Wolfsburg club's official website issued a statement officially announced Amin - charges after class, the following statement: "For us, this (termination Amin - fee) is a very difficult decision. But we believe that the recent record in the team disappointing, we have to do something. In Amin - led the charge Next, the team difficult to have a fresh start. "Amin - fees disappointed coaching record to guide the team level, 19 league after Wolfsburg points only 24 points, ranking 10th, while last year November began Amin - costs led not even won a game. Poor record so that the club finally made the dismissal of high-Amin - Fei's decision.

VfL Wolfsburg has not yet selected Amin - Fei's successor, the German media said the former Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster, Red Bull Salzburg coach Stevens, and former German international summer Seoul can become the new coach of Wolfsburg. Now, Wolfsburg Team pointer by reserve coach Costner to take over temporarily.



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