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4-4-2 pairs of lumbar

guomijk2010-03-16 23:10:41 +0000 #1
4-4-2 pairs of offensive and defensive characteristics of lumbar
asas5192010-03-16 23:19:49 +0000 #2
very often, only by the whole team as well as the opponent characteristics arrangements.

Pairs of lumbar, then midfield should be parallel stations-style bar,

in the forward parallel stations, when:

If the team has good wings, then the majority of the team to push forward and break through to the main wings At that time the team must have excellent Qiangdian tall inside player.

Then for two lumbar requirement is that the main defense: If the interception and running ability, have the long-range offensive capabilities, or the air and protects Qiangdian abilities. Representatives: Davis (Netherlands), Patrick Vieira (France)

if the team needs to promote their positions, then the pairs of lumbar may possess the necessary creativity and organizational abilities, so that after entering the other half and the striker can do lumbar some with,

attack can be characterized as: Post-plug type.

Such play right lumbar demanding, because the defensive side of the task is still heavy, so a lot of teams use this formation is to use a pseudo-tie with a plain lumbar lumbar, lumbar pseudo-most of the time involved in offensive as well as organizational aspects (eg van der Vaart), while the net is from a lumbar coolie to make (eg Gattuso (Milan), Mello (former Florence, now Ewing))

the current striker with a straight-line stations (for a Cleistogenes striker delayed, a tall former home), this time with what I said lumbar can be the first one is a pure two lumbar, because hidden front half of the midfield can play an organizing role, but in front of Qiangdian less people, then the plug in the lumbar still critical, but this time to request lumbar organization is not high. Representatives (Roy Keane)

In fact, you can see more of Serie A games, the team used a lot of Serie A is still a 442 formation, only to see more games before we can have a better understanding of football, since the madman to lead FC Porto to take the Champions League in 2004, after In the Premier League have launched an idea of the Spanish revolution, that is, 3 lumbar. Therefore, the characteristics of the dual lumbar learn more about, or take a look at the previous Serie A bar. Demoted Juventus is not a model before.
Man Mo Fool2010-03-16 23:44:14 +0000 #3
can also be a single two-
ubiquitous Games2010-03-16 23:40:26 +0000 #4
should be even more specific look at how the four rows. . For example parallel stations, diamond-shaped stations, 13 stations, 31 stations, 22 stations and so on. . .

Overall, however, are generally arranged in a mainly defensive, an offensive-based. . By the defender to protect against attackers



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