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Football, like Roberto Baggio is not very out of date

408 male dormitory2010-03-17 13:11:40 +0000 #1
chat with others that I like Roberto Baggio began did not know who to explain it to them later, after my colleagues that I taste is poor, despised me ---

how to do
progressive panic _2010-03-17 13:14:18 +0000 #2
I despise your colleague
nyyzwty2010-03-17 13:38:58 +0000 #3
like Inter Milan, no matter what players
bayern272010-03-17 13:58:45 +0000 #4
how could it, that they did not culture, with people who do not like football who is also white, said that the only that people have their own appeal to their preferences, people do not like football, do not insist
Yunmeng Chak 112010-03-17 15:01:27 +0000 #5
It is clear that they are just watching, and only know C Luomei Xi, and is also a legend Roberto Baggio anyhow ah, give them a look Baggio's video bar
lone goal2010-03-17 13:55:28 +0000 #6
Is that your colleague did not culture, and Roberto Baggio was also the world's top players
reincarnation の Asia United States2010-03-17 14:07:02 +0000 #7
only know that ignorance is the performance of C Luomei Xi, LZ no doubt about their own choices
gola182010-03-17 15:38:34 +0000 #8
your colleague is very ignorant, very funny, you should despise him! !
zzwjack2010-03-17 14:01:10 +0000 #9
of course, is always up to date and the legendary shine with a bright do not care about taste
Turin storm2010-03-17 16:09:02 +0000 #10
You should say that he did not know the ball

is a pure ball-blind
3xup2010-03-17 16:22:18 +0000 #11
2 ah this person. . What my colleagues ah for you. . What grade of your colleague. . He do not care less that he Junk
blue chip stocks YH2010-03-17 13:52:58 +0000 #12
Baggio! ! By one of the greatest soccer players soccer history

loading players
chenleimutu2010-03-17 18:15:39 +0000 #13
he did not even Baggio did not know what you have chatted with him about football ah! Yunsi of. . . .
qwe80012010-03-17 14:39:35 +0000 #14
I do not understand the relationship between Baggio and taste so what your colleagues are not just watching is from CCTV to know C 罗梅西卡卡



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