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Anti-gambling crisis guess who he is

Sora Aoi S Class2010-03-17 14:10:53 +0000 #1
1 ... Licheng Peng said, came close to being Tiaoduan small Jiaoya Who? France's Djibril Cisse is a good friend of 呀?

2 ... alleged police officials have been eyeing General Administration of Sport

or gambling-related "Shark" also does not run off

Nan Yong, Yang Yimin is already a "big fish", but above them there is a greater "Shark"! It is understood that a check in the end in the relevant departments of the determination in a higher level than the Nan Yong and others officers have also been eyeing the police. Even in 2010 to suspend the league at the expense, they must be involved in "pseudo-gambling black" and kick out the staff.

Yesterday, there was news that a person General Administration of Sport has been eyeing the police, but his position sensitive, and now the outside world are not wild speculation and discussions. Known is that one has, and the Chinese Football Association has linked, higher-level characters, had previously been "double regulations." But, whether he be drawn into Chinese football thing, now the outside world not yet known.

He Who are you? Really do not know. . .

Kimi Sanji2010-03-17 14:22:01 +0000 #2
Administration officials, that two large sharks, I'm sure must have been: Yuan Weimin, Yan Shiduo, Xie Yalong, Cui Dalin, which must have one or two, brothers, we all be spectacular it, Oh, this year, the drug crisis is really interesting, and also good-looking than those of large, especially the bickering between the Licheng Peng and Chen Yiming, it is like Taiwan leader election, mutual Jie Duan, too strong and, and did not know then that lawsuit would be Da Buda, that what is in court, a bet one million U.S. dollars, Chen Yiming really arrogant to the court as a banker, too non-mainstream, and Licheng Peng also 牛逼, is also not afraid to sue him to sue, Oh, maybe Licheng Peng Zhen Chen gambling are evidence of fragmentation? ? ? ? Worth looking forward to the phrase sweet purple head .....
2010-03-17 14:43:11 +0000 #3
with me?
Lu Yi-Sheng indignant roar2010-03-17 14:42:13 +0000 #4
Could it be the legendary spring Colombian
Joy Royi2010-03-17 14:59:25 +0000 #5
Zheng (Harmony) Chi
zhuxianfans2010-03-17 15:00:59 +0000 #6
see is not the Chinese football is a lonely
a snowster a2010-03-17 15:35:46 +0000 #7
Duanzaijuesun martial arts Juexue integrated people
Eternal Tetsuei2010-03-17 16:13:57 +0000 #8
Liu Peng will not you? Sports General Secretary, party secretary



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