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World Cup 32 strong, who is the teams who are weak teams?

df22vc22xc2010-03-17 17:10:03 +0000 #1

searching to find £2010-03-17 17:14:38 +0000 #2
Brazil, Spain and Netherlands North Korea
anti-roll-roll Allied 22010-03-17 17:51:27 +0000 #3
Spain, Brazil and Portugal Italy is a strong team

Japan, South Korea is weak teams
iPuerta2010-03-17 18:22:13 +0000 #4
Team Well more pairs of South America

Europe Zhu Qiang Hung

As for the weak teams do, it should be New Zealand North Korea
Cold-cold-ass joke OR2010-03-17 18:12:21 +0000 #5
teams: England, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina

others are weak teams



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