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Chinese Football Association "seven coach" is what a few? They play in the FA what positions?

fgswe5e82010-03-22 02:11:54 +0000 #1

Yu Chu pound medicine2010-03-22 02:24:02 +0000 #2
Chinese Football Association so-called "seven coach" was not an official statement, but the media world a title. These so-called "coach" does not the Chinese Football Association, in the Chinese Football Association has no position, but the clubs coach.

Different events, different time, there will be different "seven-coach."

January 2006, by the Chinese Football Association officials, calling themselves the "Whampoa 1" and "Coach Seminar" (organized by the Chinese Football Association), the so-called "seven coach" is:

Zhu: men's soccer national team coach

Ma Liangxing: Women's national team coach

Wu Jingui: Shanghai Shenhua coach

Gao Hongbo: Xiamen Blue Lions coach

Thomas: Tianjin Teda team fitness coach

Folado: Dalian Shide coach

Ali Xiao: FIFA Instructor

... ... .

However, the floor should be asked Zhu and "anti-Chinese football," related to the so-called "seven-coach," right? Is January 24, 2010, was an emergency brake on the Chinese Football Association to visit the Netherlands, "seven coach", is not it? They are:

Su Maozhen: National youth team coach

Zhang Ning: National Youth Coach

Zhao Changhong: Anhui nine square coach

Xu: Beijing-Hong Deng coach

Cao Xiandong: Northern Polytechnic coach

Liu Pingyu: what kind of people, do not know

Wei Kexing: Beijing Guoan manager



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