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Jiang Heping Who are you?

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Muzi Yan Ming2010-03-24 06:19:55 +0000 #2
January 1963 born, Anhui Tongcheng people, postgraduates, Chinese Communist Party, the current deputy director of CCTV Sports Center (presiding), a senior editor.

July 1987 graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, received a bachelor's degree in English and international news pairs of the same year, the Central Television, as international news editor. From 1990 to 1996, she served as deputy head of the international news group, the group leader, during March 1, 1993 organized the implementation of China Central Television broadcast the first international rolling news broadcast on April 1, 1994, the leading founder of the "World Report" section. In February 1996 appointed deputy director of the newsroom. From September 1996 to September 1997 study in the United Kingdom University of Wales, received master's degree in journalism. In May 1998 was transferred to offshore centers, deputy director of the Department of Foreign Languages, presided over the work of August 31 the same year, the organization founded the "Global Lookout" column, and "English News" for revision. These two columns are given the highest award in 1998 annual national foreign propaganda "Rainbow Award" prize. In May 2000 appointed Director of Foreign Language Department of Public Information to participate in the leadership of English Channel (CCTV-9) in the planning, design and broadcast work. In September 2000 he was named Deputy Director of the English channels. In April 2003 he was appointed deputy director of the overseas centers, director of English channels.

March 2001, at Beijing's bid for a crucial period for the Olympic Games, as the speaker fully introduced the delegation to the International Olympic Committee, China Central Television. Deputy director of the Beijing Olympic Committee, Beijing Vice Mayor Liu Qi told a "dialogue" part interview, said: "Mr. Jiang to the introduction of CCTV is very characteristic, he was walking and said, English is very fluent, his presentation was very successful . "
October 2001, at the informal APEC leaders meeting held in Shanghai during the founding of APEC to provide services for the General Assembly special English channel by Vice-Premier Qian Qichen's praise. APEC 2001 Conference Secretariat to the Preparatory Committee of China Central Television, sent a letter of thanks, said: "APEC English channel programs prescription quick guide is rich in contents, form a rich, well-made by the representatives of the participating economies, and journalists unanimously high praise for the successful completion of the meeting made a positive contribution to journalism. "

At the center as an overseas director, deputy director of the English channel during the period of the English Channel carried out several major revision, overseas audiences reacted strongly to the English Channel from overseas subscribers exceeded 40 million. In 2004, participation in TV shows from the 17 sets of the composition of "The Great Wall (North America) satellite TV platform" launch work; organization founded for the audience in Spanish and French West French channel (CCTV E & F).
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CCTV Sports Channel Director



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