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fifa online 2 lineup questions

2008hzg2010-03-24 08:11:08 +0000 #1
now decided to stay in the Premiership Liverpool,

striker has T9, Wayne Rooney, is a 1600 +

1650 + C Luo midfield, Steven Gerrard

1750 + is also part of the magician

how can I with lineup? ? ? ?

Or how should I change? ?
michaellb19852010-03-24 08:19:33 +0000 #2
game to play 442 more popular, with your players is relatively mix. Torres and Rooney dual front, C Luo right, Steven Gerrard right lumbar (Balm), left front of the Valencia Spanish well, cards are not expensive. Left lumbar no suitable candidates can also be used to replace Javier Mascherano a while, and so find the right person (I personally use Hargreaves, Tiger Balm is also a role). 4 easy to use too many English Premier League defender is recommended you some magician: Z. Knight, C. Davis, C. Samba, D. Simpson, J. Carragher, Hyypia, Aonuo Ha, R. Dunn, W. Brown, J. Huoye Te, J. Woodgate, L. Jin, M. Upson, S. Distin.

Do not have to look big to buy big-name cards, after all, expensive, bad raise. Small law and Pato would not have bought, and bought a key role but there is no individual used a small law, just to give him the acceleration I used to fill a few seasons. . .
Pick to go to bed before 002010-03-24 09:00:53 +0000 #3
Your are offensive players, need some type of defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano, Juan defender recommend that you buy in the fifaonline2 which I prefer to use his guard. See your question, I think you seem to care more about the attack, in fact, you should also pay attention to what defensive.



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