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Why did not the 2006 World Cup national team Maldini

c519635175_qq2010-03-24 08:11:26 +0000 #1

Prince Poldi2010-03-24 08:26:21 +0000 #2
Maldini team 126 games, 7 goals 2002 World Cup after being eliminated South Korea, Paolo Maldini disheartened Italian cold, announced its withdrawal from the national team to concentrate on the effectiveness of Milan, not Lippi did not call him, announced his own withdrawal
woo942010-03-24 08:20:20 +0000 #3
with Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. big, he could coach a
remote San Siro2010-03-24 08:30:16 +0000 #4
Paolo Maldini was born in 1968 and 2006 World Cup, when Paolo Maldini, 38-year-old already has announced its withdrawal from the national team Colts, even if there is no exit, Lippi will be to recruit a 38-year-old veteran to fight in the world cup do
Teamgeist Chu2010-03-24 08:44:41 +0000 #5
not to his own, he declared in 2002, permanently retired from international football after the World Cup, and if he was to return to the national team before the World Cup 2006, certainly can play on the main force of the
【leaders go first】2010-03-24 08:56:35 +0000 #6
age Thac larger. His 68 years of strangers, basically the same age when the coach went. In 2006 he was 38, had announced its withdrawal from the national team, physical state of both Bu Hangle competitive state.



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