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The Chinese team No. 8 in the end What's your name?

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Qianyao from Jiangsu Sainty seems to present promising Shandong Luneng kids

Deng Zhuo Xiang

Name: Deng Zhuo Xiang

pet name: Dzodzo

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1988 -10-24

Height: 181CM

Nationality: Chinese

Place of Birth: Wuhan

has played in Wuhan Optics Valley of the effectiveness of the team are: Shandong Luneng Stadium Location: avant-garde

Jersey Number: 16 in 2008 due to retire in Wuhan team tournament He and Rong Hao, Deng Xiaofei, Lu Bofei, Yao Han Lin along with the transfer of Jiangsu, and became the main absolute Jiangsu team, the national team winger dagger.

Personal Honors: 2005

2009 Super Cup Rookie of the Year Award for Ultra-professional experience

2001-2004, Guangdong youth team were peak



2006-2008 Wuhan Optical Valley in Wuhan Optics Valley 35 (2)

2009 - Jiangsu Sainty 29 (5)


2009 - China 4 (0)

[Edit this paragraph] national team career

in November 2009 in Hangzhou evening of 22 20:00-22:00 Huanglong Stadium, the Asian Cup qualifiers Chinese team VS Lebanese team's ready audience. The game was attended by Deng Zhuoxiang first official A-level event, and is Little Deng for the first time in the official race starter. In the past 2009 season's Super, Deng Zhuo Xiang to eight assists awarded "assists." In the first official A-game, Little Deng played a dry line of work - the first 19 minutes, Deng Zhuo Xiang and accurate transmission of foot and found Dewey, assists the latter scored the only goal audience. Jiang Ning accumulated two yellow cards suspension, Zheng back to play Scottish Premier League, Deng Zhuo Xiang Qian Yao as a starter, doing my part to stem from a "midfield commander." This is his first official A-game, but also a result of the Asian Cup qualifiers this first game, many people worry about Deng Zhuo Xiang will be unable to play due to too much pressure characteristics. To 2010 the evening of February 10, 2010 东亚四强赛 compete for the first two, the Chinese soccer team against South Korea's men's football, 59 minutes, the Chinese team performed the classic counter-attack, the Chinese team field after the referee has not whistled for a foul steals, QU After the sudden wave field into the high-speed ball, the former field and Deng Zhuo Xiang made a classic two had a co-Tang Zhuo Xiang drove into the lane, the use of extraordinary change to go past a row of three South Korean defender in the face of the goalkeeper attack, Deng Zhuo Xiang the ball calmly into the far corner, 3-0 the Chinese team is almost locked to seal the win.
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play today? What position? ?
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Deng Zhuo Xiang



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