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Demand 94 years and 98 years of Brazil's World Cup squad.

Woo Mai Goto2010-03-24 10:11:46 +0000 #1
Who knows tell me what ah, thank you.
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-03-24 10:14:55 +0000 #2
94 World Cup Brazil List

1 Taffarel took part in the 909,498 three-time World Cup in 94 years, his outstanding performance.

2 Jurgin Huo took part in the 9094 World Cup, two Cup have been named the best right back.

3 Rocha participated in the 9094 World Cup, 90 years is half of the main, 94-year slap the first game.

4 Ronaldinho took part in the 94 World Cup, but as a substitute, also participated in the 95 America's Cup. 5 da Silva of Brazil has also been considered to be the best lumbar Unfortunately, 98 years Zagallo did not fancy him.

6 Blanco took part in the 869,094 World Cup in 94 years, the Netherlands and that foot free-kick saved Brazil.

7 Bebeto took part in the 909,498 three-time World Cup, 94 years of his peak period, and the Baixinho co-ordination is good.

8 Dunga took part in the 909,498 World Cup, in addition to players 90 years as a winger, the other two are the main lumbar.

9 Jin Huo participated in 94 World Cup, technology is very good, a pity that when the engineer to use his Pereira.

10 Rai, younger brother of Socrates, attended the 94 World Cup, starting with the main force, and later becoming replacement captain Dunga's job has also been taken from them. Qian Yao is starting at that time will not be coaching attention.

11 Romario 90 years he and Lazzaroni contradictory, on the bench, 94 years, he was the Brazilian team's number one star, shiny points.

12 Zeetti 869,094 years from him, but all replacement.

13 Aldair attended the 909,498 three-year World Cup, the latter two are the main central defender.

14 Cafu 92 South American Libertadores Cup star emerge, in 2002 Brazil win the race and he was the fifth captain.

15 Santos 94 years of the beginning of the substitutes, but Rocha's injury gave him the opportunity to make his World War I fame.

16 Leonardo Who would have thought at that time he was left-back in the match against the United States elbow Ramos so that he lost the opportunity to continue to participate in the competition.

17 is also an engineer Mazinho player, but the attack on the organization is not bad.

18 Sergio in Rome, Leverkusen Bayern played so wealthy, 94 years, he was Baixinho backup.

19 Muller took part in the 869,094 World Cup, the former two, and Careca is a partner, 94 years on the bench.

20, when Ronaldo got 18-year-old world champion, is enviable.

21 Viola in Brazil he is a top scorer, but he must step aside in the national team.

22 Ji-el age of great goalkeeper.

98 years, Brazil's World Cup squad

1 Taffarel 32 years old, took part in three World Cup, nicknamed King sell.

2 Cafu, 28-year-old, 94 years has done substitute Jurgin Huo learned a lot, 98 years as the main play.

3 Aldair 33-year-old veteran defender, 90 years Italy's World Cup have him, 94 years, winning hero, 98-year performance was quite good.

4 Baiano 28-year-old tall defender, 97-year trip to the Far East, Brazil Zagallo found him, but 98 years of performance in a very general, who played in Shanghai Shenhua. 5 Sampaio da Silva, 29-year-old because he was 94 years of television watching the World Cup, 98 years, he finally participated in the World Cup, but did not have the last laugh. 6 Carlos 25-year-old 95 America's Cup fame, 97 years on the Si Guosai scared of that free kick skills 4.

7 Giovanni 26-year-old Zagallo do not understand why vote for him, since the election again and again without a waste of talent, technology and a good striker.

34-year-old Tiehan 8 Dunga, captain, no one can overawed him, the heart of midfield players, participated in three World Cup.

9 Ronaldo 22-year-old, 18-year-old squad took on the title, but that time is a substitute, 98 years is the main force, but the performance is very general, especially in the final.

10 Rivaldo Juninho, 26-year-old that he would like to thank, because Juninho injured, Rivaldo was able to participate in the World Cup, but the performance is very good, personally think that Ronaldo is better than that.

11 Emerson, 23-year-old he was not selected because of Baixinho before the World Cup, played 2 times.

12 Germano, 28-year-old reserve goalkeeper, the goalkeeper on the friendly, such as the World Cup matches have only been a substitute.

13 Zekaluosi 20-year-old Cafu's replacement, is said to play the remainder of time is a small business, and the replacement of the First World War the Netherlands suspended Cafu play.

14 Luis Oliveira Goncalves has been the national team's 31-year-old replacement, but the performance on the field was good, especially on the America's Cup 97 years. 15 Cruz, 30-year-old was due to good performance of Italy's AC Milan, was able to selected list. 16 Ze Roberto 22-year-old left-handed players, skills are good, substitute.

More than 17 Leva 26-year-old Dunga's replacement. Played 1 times.

18 Leonardo 29-year-old played 94 years as a left-back, 98 years of midfield, but the performance can only be general.

19 Denilson 20-year-old maestro Santana discovery, a bit like the late star Garrincha, 98 years, the performance of it all themselves. 20 Bebeto 34-year-old is also a Sanzhaoyuanlao, and the World Cup before the older people are criticizing him, but he countered with three goals.

21 Edmundo 27-year-old nicknamed the Beast, and 93 on the national team, but had no chance to participate in the World Competition, 98 years, played 2 times.

22 Dida 25-year-old at that time or a replacement. 96 years of Olympic Games is the main force.
Prince Poldi2010-03-24 10:21:34 +0000 #3
94 squad for the World Cup, Brazil 22:


2 goalkeeper Taffarel Yurzin Huo right back

3 Ricardo. Luonaerda Rocha Defender Defender


5 Gross Luo. Silva Blanco Midfielder Midfielder



8 striker Bebeto Dunga Jin Huo midfield midfield


10 Rai midfielder striker Romario



13 Al Zeetti Goalkeeper on behalf of the Erhou Wei


15 masio Kafuhouwei. 桑托斯后卫


17 Leonardo midfield midfielder Mazinho Muller forward



20 Ronaldo Striker Sergio Defender Viola


21, if Erman Nuo


Brazil starting line-up

[1] Claudio - Taffarel

[2] Marcos - Cafu

[3] Aldair - Santos

[4] Junior - Baiano

[5] Cesar - Jorge Sampaio

[6] Roberto - Carlos

[8] Carlos - Dunga

[9] Ronaldo

[10] Rivaldo

[18] Leonardo - Araujo

[20] Bebeto

Substitute lineup

[7] Giovanni - Oliveira

[11] Emerson - daro Sa

[12] Carlos - Day Germanaud

[13] Almeida - Zekaluosi

[14] Marcelo - Gongka Alves

[15] Andre - Cruise

[16] Jose - Ze Roberto

[17] Ghidoni - Doriva

[19] Denilson

[21] Edmundo - Alves

[22] Nelson - Dida


Gomez (Heurelho da Silva Gomes)

Fabio (Fabio Deivison Lopes Maciel)


Cicinho (Cicinho)

Douglas Maicon (Inter Milan)

Gilberto (Hertha Berlin)

Marcelo (Fluminense)

Lucio (Lucio)

Juan (Juan)

Alex (Rodrigo Dias da Costa Alex)

Edmilson (Barcelona)

Luyisiao (Luizao)


Gilberto - Silva (Gilberto Silva)

Elano (Shakhtar Donetsk)

Daniel - Carvalho (CSKA Moscow)

Moles (Vasco da Gama)

about natas (Flamengo)


Sailun Si ()

Fred ()

Robinho (Robinho)

Lowe (CSKA Moscow)

Julio Baptista (Julio Baptista )

Wagner (Wagner Ferreira dos Santos)



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