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In China, the individual how to develop football in the

110 queries2010-03-24 21:10:34 +0000 #1
I am an ordinary high school students, small like football, my own ability to have a certain confidence in football, with the growth of its current age I am now more and more intense the pursuit of football . But I football development orientation and ways not know I do not know Gairuhezou to be correct, in order to better play to my strength. My goal is to enter the national team, and then into Europe and his efforts to the development of Chinese football, but now do not know what to do where to force the. Hope that the broad knowledge can help me out of ideas, help my little lamb gone astray bar! Give me a way force can be developed bar! I am now forced to be a development platform! Help me!
617,674,8892010-03-24 21:21:44 +0000 #2
Zanliang fellow ah I want to play too much like a professional football has been like crazy I have trained in the football school but later felt pretty good because of economic reasons, would be general secondary schools in the When I started this once on the football field, a very powerful person most scary now I have lack of progress, the technical confidence in my own father let you give me another exam after graduating from high school may be Northern body that I did not feel I intend to find a super-playing buddies to help me find a lower level of the first practice with the team obtain other opportunities to pull themselves up after I think every place should be on a regular basis that meets the organization of a World Cup soccer fans while the demand has the potential to find some players and prepare them for the future so that they can serve their country
Small Aero2010-03-24 21:49:01 +0000 #3
you seem to have passed the age for football, and usually play bar. Want to make contributions to China's football or in politics some good sports bar exam to study sports management colleges did not watch football those people just go Well! You want to develop China's State Sports General Administration of football could be considered alive and that a high degree of direct mingled Taoge Caixing
State Long Hawker2010-03-24 21:27:44 +0000 #4
All-Star team dug the World Chinese nationality
laomeng1352010-03-24 22:53:00 +0000 #5
go to football school try, technology will have a more comprehensive increase
DU Qing-thick 0012010-03-24 22:51:40 +0000 #6
You can play first, with local teams ah! And then be properly show ah! Ideas to the national team play. That is very simple to open their own ah ah
Card Western pull-hi2010-03-24 21:57:52 +0000 #7
gambling bar
chun200820092010-03-24 22:15:08 +0000 #8
Chinese professional football for ten years, the league has been in full swing now is perilous. Chinese professional soccer in the end of the road Gairuhezou? Super League how to organize and operate? Has been the media, fans, the focus of attention and discussion.

People are saying dialect: not as one-third of Lee, who get up early just before dawn. In people's awareness of the market so strong today, nobody's business who will do the same? How to enhance the market value of Super League in football is indeed a matter of feel the burn.

A A decade into a super-revised. Super should be a model of what we talk a lot, a matter of opinion. I also drew a sketch, because it is the lack of proof of free imagination, so for the time being called the idealized super-model.

The next super-model of the main framework consists of "five" of building form: a, diversity: the diversification of property rights is the professional clubs. Most of China's professional football clubs in the Sports Commission and management, corporate-sponsored competitive sports teams based on the evolution of them there. Although basically Co., Ltd., but these companies are either a company's absolute control of either Sports Commission to continue to exercise management functions. Equity or the absolute concentration of decision-making power, seriously affected the club's sustained and healthy development. First, the work of the club's objectives are fully subject to an enterprise development strategy, while this goal is in line with the club's long-term development depends entirely on the football industry, this firm's knowledge and sense of responsibility on the football sector, the risk is obvious . At the same time the subordination of the clubs has always been difficult to form an independent development strategy and value orientation, short-term behavior is difficult to avoid. Second, many enterprises are due to bring together the government or business operational needs and involvement of the brand of football, but once the policy of support or a reasonable return, companies must quit. The replacement of the shareholders are often given the financial weakness of the club dealt a heavy blow, a direct impact on the team's stability and long-term construction. Third, the injection of major shareholders a lot of money, causing the club to shareholders over-reliance on market-oriented process of change is extremely slow.

Club ownership diversification, may further develop the club listed on an experimental basis. If the listing successful club, not only in promoting the development of China's sports industry have a major significance, but also to curb the problem of corruption will be football has a very positive role.

2, an enterprise: the enterprise is a super-league. Set up by the super-clubs of the Super League, Super League which it is responsible for the management and operations of the organization. Super League to build according to forms of enterprise organization and its fundamental task is to safeguard the common interests of the club to achieve the League as a whole to maximize effectiveness. Chinese Football Association Super League from the right into the specific organization and management of macro-management and information services.

3, the market-oriented: that is the club to form a market-oriented management mechanisms and decision-making mechanism. "Championship teams around the turn, weak teams around the relegation-turn", ten leagues, year after year like this situation. Basically, the club are based on performance as the center to build their own organizational structure and working mechanisms. There are even clubs simply a professional sports team management mode add an advertising agency. Market-oriented demand-driven club into a benefit by the results-oriented, success is no longer an end, but only a means to obtain benefits. Asked the club to establish the appropriate organizational structure, management mechanism and working mechanism.

4, career-oriented: This is specific to a narrow professional, that is, the players realized the transition from competitive athletes to professional athletes of the role of conversion. On the surface, professional athletes and professional athletes are playing football, there is no different. However, competitive athletes and professional athletes of the mission is very different, and truly recognize the difference and the role of the ideological depths of the completion of the conversion can be as simple as not to change the working relationship. The main mission of professional athletes is to win this match, professional athletes, the mission was mainly to attract more fans. Everywhere love their own public image, and always remember the fans that is responsible for their own jobs and future responsibility can claim to be an essential qualified professional.

5, the legal system: that Football Association, the Alliance, the club are managed according to law, the formation of a legalized and standardized the sports economic environment. Professional football is football as the process of reform of an industry to enter the market process. Football League and the club should be managed according to law, Super League to follow the constitution, rule-bound clubs, clubs with the law, according to its operation.

"Everything legal basis, always rules to follow, always well documented, always someone to be responsible." Urgent need to improve and perfect the professional league of such a legislation, institutional system.

The "five" of the formation, improvement and continuous development depends on the degree of maturity in five aspects: First, the Government's Football Industry level of awareness of the development of great significance.

Professional Football Club is an organization with a duality, which has a general sense of corporate property, also has a certain social welfare undertakings in nature. Therefore, the Government's awareness and knowledge determined by the attitudes, policies, right at the initial stage of the Chinese soccer industry plays a significant impact. Professional football is the level of social productivity and the standard of the sport to a certain stage of development of the product. So, not only in professional football for the national and regional glory, be inspired, entertainment, and other political and cultural fields, exerting a greater impact, but also in driving the mass media, tourism, catering and sporting goods industries leading industry position in the development of an increasingly prominent . This stage, the Chinese soccer industry is still in its investment period, it can more quickly and thus the healthy development of national economic development and people's social life to play a greater role depends largely on whether the Government is football economy as the leading emerging industries to treat and support.

2, the mass degree of development of football entertainment. The more popular sport, football more solid foundation for the growth of talent. Participate in recreational activities of the population more football, soccer market potential will be. With the best professional players, have a good market, we also had more and better objective conditions for the development of professional football.

3, the media, soccer community awareness of the interests of the community. The development of professional football, high-level league to promote the prosperity of sports media; fueled the media to create professional sports league's prosperity. Two industry was dependable. Who can live away from anyone, but who live away from anyone else not "nourishing." Football should take the initiative to communicate with the media, communication, provision of facilities and services as much as possible to obtain trust, understanding and support. Sports media should give themselves to find a higher and more accurate positioning, the development of football to actively protect the environment, and strive to foster and expand the football market. Sports News If you become entertainment, "gossip", destroyed not only professional football, will have the media itself.

4, sports intermediary organizational development level. Sports intermediary organization is essential for the development of sports industry components. Is like a machine, professional clubs is the main device, an intermediary organization is auxiliary equipment. Even the best hosts, loss of auxiliary, it is difficult to operate normally; auxiliary quality is not high, it can not operate efficiently.

5, the level of development of productive forces and the market economy system, the degree of perfection. Professional football level of development and a national and regional levels of economic development are closely linked, and are subject to the satisfactory level of the market economy system constraints.

In general, China's professional soccer management system reform and the construction of the mechanism should be focused on China's political, economic, and cultural background knowledge and thinking down, many of the problems is not "football" itself can be resolved. Chinese professional football mode of operation of reforming and perfecting the development of professional football to follow the objective law, with China's political, economic and cultural reform and adapt the process of development, there must be an advanced concept, a positive attitude, the overall planning, safe steps and a solid work, it is a process without end.
sorellatigre2010-03-24 22:25:19 +0000 #9
You can first football training abroad. And then return to development, and the effectiveness of China.

For example, to our schools in Italy, Ascoli football.

School for adults aged 14 to 22-year-old youth football fans for a period of 10 months of soccer training courses (also known as Master MASTER), from each year in September to the first 2 years in June. Or participate in every year in July for short-term training courses (or called soccer summer camp). School based in Perugia, Italy, chose this city is very close because of the proximity of these institutions, such as boarding schools Assisi, Perugia University for Foreigners and so on, they can ensure that the technical training of young athletes.

For those who choose MASTER students, in addition to the Italian-style soccer skills training, the school will arrange for students of cultural programs, such as the University for Foreigners in Perugia to learn Italian, or Italian high school students who choose to read (Assisi High School). The course of training in schools, the school will arrange for students and professional club competitions, the most important is the end of Master courses, namely, in June, there will be football games and coaches to the assessment of trainees, such as the outstanding student may be recommended to the professional club youth teams entered the professional football career.

Are interested please leave a message, thank you



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