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The following are the reasons for Inter Milan, than please add

milan Italy2010-03-25 00:11:11 +0000 #1
1. A total fighting hand to hand 274 times: Inter Milan, 107 W 92 W

2. Maximum score: Milan 6:0

3. Champions League: Inter Milan 7 times or two times a half century ago

4. golden Yield: 9 golden golden goal from Milan 2 Inter Milan from Inter

there is a swordsman Inter Milan coach, when there is the king when there are nuclear warheads, Inter Milan, Milan have Kaka, when there is a step. . .

5. Telephone Inter Milan, onto the door after a great deal to dominate the home of Serie A but no one can learn to Milan to dominate the world

6. Inter Milan players a lot of problems still looks ugly and white is small also have a long incomplete statements about the hair

# I am very envious of Inter have Moratti #

These are the facts tell the truth I hope that Inter can go fight for the Serie A shameful glory stop there to add Mody Thank you
gdymzb2010-03-25 00:14:37 +0000 #2
Country prostitutes impersonal, Milan veteran is right considerable trust; State Laboratory of prostitutes is not a good Milan. Country prostitutes can only nest Wang, a house on the impotence.
loco_932010-03-25 00:25:50 +0000 #3
like a team is not wrong, but in order to suppress the others, becomes stingy of.



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