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Football: Now the South African national team coach who?

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South Africa national football team coach - Pereira (PARREIRA)

10 23, the South African Football Association announced the appointment of Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira as South Africa were the main national team coach for a term to the end of the 2010 World Cup. Parreira had previously served as South Africa coach, but led his unit to record is not satisfactory. The 66-year-old Parreira, who led the Brazilian team won the 1994 World Cup champion.

Nationality: Brazil




player career:
, who has coached the team: Fluminense FC, Valencia, Fenerbahce, the United States metro-star team, miners athletic teams, international team,科林迪亚斯Team) team (Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Ghana)


Brazilian League, the Turkish league championship in 1994 World Cup, America Cup and Federation of Cup

biographies: Pereira, December 27, 1943 was born, his coaching career began in 1967, in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, San cristovao Team as fitness coach. In 1968, the Brazilian Football Confederation's recommendation, as Africa and Ghana national soccer team coach, and the rate of access to the African Nations Cup runner-up team. In 1970 and 1974 World Cup, he served as the Brazilian team fitness coach. Tender in 1975, coaching巴西弗卢米Cypriot team. Coached Kuwait in 1976, the rate of the team won the Gulf Cup. In 1980, the rate of Kuwait's Olympic team to enter the Moscow Olympics finals. In 1982, Pereira rate of Kuwait to enter the 1982 World Cup finals in Spain in 1983, he returned to Brazil for the first time as national team coach, but did not achieve any remarkable record. In 1984, Brazil's failure to highlight the performance of the end of the first Parreira Brazil coach of coaching experience, after the rate of Fluminense Wins National Championship. In 1985, Pereira came back to the Middle East, as the UAE national team coach in 1990 and also led the team into the 1990 World Cup finals. As the strength of the gap, Pereira UAE team was eliminated in the first round. 1991 to 1994, the second time as coach of Brazil, Pereira ushered in the history of coaching career peak in 1993, while leading Brazil into the 1994 World Cup finals, but Parreira is still subject to public opinion at home a strong attack, as the Brazilian team up to battle until the final qualifier on Baixinho Romario's goal was to obtain qualify and that is the Brazilian team until 1994 can not remain the only unbeaten record in a World Cup Chuxian Quan. In 1994, Pereira led by Romario, Bebeto and other group of people Ma won the United States for Brazil World Cup winner, which is the Brazilian team won in 1970, following 24 years after winning the World Cup championship. However, Parreira is still unable to obtain the trust of public opinion in Brazil, announced his resignation. 1994-1995 season, Pereira came to Spain in charge of Valencia, followed by Pakistan to Turkey within the coaching fees. In 1996, led Fenerbahce won the Turkish league championship, Pereira returned to Brazil, as Sao Paulo team. By the end of 1997, Parreira as coach of Saudi Arabia, but in the 1998 World Cup finals matches in the group are mainly made before the game, after a large margin, Pereira had to give up helm. After the World Cup, Parreira started coaching the United States metro-star team in 1999, he returned to巴西弗卢米tender Cypriot team, joined the miners in 2000 Atletico in 2001, began coaching an international team. In 2002, Parreira coached科林迪亚斯. The upper half of the Brazilian league last season led the team to win on the Rio - Sao Paulo, Brazil Cup championships and two championship titles, and led the team to win the league runner-up. January 8, 2003, Pereira, Brazil's third as coach, led his team to the Copa America and Confederations Cup champion. Germany World Cup, Parreira's objective will be to the history of the Brazilian team won the sixth World Cup trophy statue.



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