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Inter squad now seeking lineup

343.98353 million2010-03-25 16:11:13 +0000 #1
To-date, Do not take prior to Huyou I
tnnd745la2010-03-25 16:24:38 +0000 #2
buddies original ah, playing for an hour, Zhen Lei, assessment rating Inter player is still very happy about it.


1 Francesco Toldo, Italy, mainly in the Italian Cup play, and the Juve game made a mistake, missed the ball the next stall, but the replacement is its capability to do so.

12 Julius Aosaisaer the main, the world

22 Orlandoni five Italian players are mainly the Champions League have their own limitations, Orlando, Nicole is one of the few Italian Inter


13 Mai Kong and Brazil the main right back. Was originally the world's best right-back, but played this season in general, for weak teams at random in the temporal, but the teams played, and when is still very serious, Maicon Inter still one of the main points of attack, especially when teams .

39 Thornton is currently the main Italian left-back. And Baluoteli known as a supernova, like the young, to be honest, I was Inter fan, but I do not see how good the defense bar also perfunctory, assists quite positive, but often lose the ball, mistakes will be more to play is not too stable, it seems to me that is a lot stronger than the peers, but in Serie A belongs to the middle. However, the psychological quality of Thornton also good business for a little time to play in Milan is not stage fright. There is also his girlfriend blew a Balotelli sexual partners, RI, Thornton is a strong psychological quality

25, the main force in the Argentine defender Walter Samuel. Rock this season left, Lucio-right. To play a very stable, yesterday beat Cagliari also into a header, there are games when the center was also caught with the same ball into the victory.

6 卢西奥巴西 main central defender. 800W bought, and value. Original CM0304 immortals, 1600W, is now playing right off, ha! Header very strong niche that is not bad, the speed can also be, defensive awareness was almost more than Cordoba, but also not bad, that is, foul points. It is worth mentioning is that point guard in the inside is very strong, and often the ball straight.

2 Cordoba, Colombia, the main reserve halfback. Yesterday played starter, stare too Matri Meipi Qi, very strong. However, with increasing age, physical decline is inevitable, for C2 this small fast players not good spirits, but still stronger than the pharaoh in Milan too much.

23 Substitute defender Marco Materazzi of Italy. My favorite Marco, played little this season, but performed well in the field Baodaobulao, last week kicked Cup play well, the presence of the regular teaching Balotelli and Thornton. Materazzi is a Balotelli few friends. In fact, old horse is more suited to the spiritual leader, think about how he got to play Zidane.

26 Chivu of Romania left back / halfback. Has been playing the main left-back, kicking Zhongwei also good, once Rome's main defender, injured last month, very serious, it is estimated this season are reimbursed. However, Ye Hao, he no less than how exercise Thornton? Chivu's assists that is not very positive, great age, and speed, physical fitness can not keep up. Defense this season is not how kind, often lag behind rivals. Hey, who is 1-30 and captain ...... like cattle X, people can be really too low.


4 Zanetti of Argentina left / right back, left / right avant-garde, lumbar, cattle bar, Tiger Balm, playing what position are strong, this is our captain, 37 years old this year, I Gu touch forward should be able to mention 40. A model of professional players, super iron man, there are already more than two seasons (can not remember a few seasons) consecutive appearance, and a decline of league, which means not being replaced (Balotelli is very depressed), not being ban (Balotelli is also very depressed), no injuries (Chivu is very depressed). Assists yesterday, the first goal (though not directly assists). At present the main right-midfield.

19 Esteban Cambiasso, Argentina main lumbar. Inter fans in the eyes of Marcus Camby is a God, but to play this season is not very strong, with Mourinho's play on. Defensive task too. However, the big bald for running it is quite the multi-.

8 Motabaxi lumbar. The general left, be regarded as the main bar, but often been replaced; be regarded as lumbar bar, defense can not keep up; be regarded as tissue-type of the bar, pass the strike too little; a meter eighty a few of the big man bar, but why are injured addition of . Anyway, I think that is not worth to buy it Motta 1800W, La Liga's Cao Ge, to the Inter Milan midfielder has become a technical.

10 main Qianyao Sneh Germany and Netherlands. Sneijder really lucky Inter Milan, Inter Milan really played as long as he did not lose too. In fact, he quite general organizational capabilities, and happens to Inter Milan is very high; his strength is his long-range effort, but in the long-range Inter into the small, free-kick into the number of Dao Shi. It can be said that he is inherently been prepared for the Inter Milan. That will leave more food card, red card on the 2, and injuries are also a bit frequent.

5 Stankovic, Serbia and Montenegro played Qianyao less this season, kicked lumbar more. Last time I a good friend said Inter Milan midfielder, as well as Stan organizations do, I wanted to strangle him at that time. Rely on, a Cao Ge, pass not, plug in the long-range quite drastically, defense quite positive, the spirit is commendable, professionalism is not bad. Unhealed injuries.

11 Muntari Ghana SB 1, his agent and Jose Mourinho a person, is to deceive Moratti money, 1600W, is now estimated at less than 600W for a certain value. Stan Cao Ge just said that Muntari is the Cao Ge Cao Ge, defense not up to much, attack even less kind, more than a foul, but why Mourinho also love to use him, and the relationship between iron Bai.

17 more to buy the lumbar mariga Kenya in 1987, and yesterday, on the 10 minutes, yes, technology Bustin strong defense stronger than Muntari, Cambiasso older than a strong potential Bucquois Reis Ma Qiang, or Kenyans, physical definitely good, but it still is very expensive, I think it is still very good.

7 Quaresma Portugal and Muntari, as the same broker, and Jose Mourinho a person (Mendes), he cheated Moratti 2250W. Zhesi not Cao Ge, but not as good as Muntari, attack not, defense is more impossible, annual salary even higher, 350W, can not be sold and bought, he was not walking the dog RI. Garbage in garbage.

15 Corcin Slovenia lumbar. Mourinho likes belonging to the type of diligent, good management, that is, no talent.

22 D-striker Milito Argentina was my original intention, 2200W bought a 30-year-old striker was too worth, but now I find that really too much the value of the TMD. Personally think it is the best striker in Europe to play one.

27 Pandev of Macedonia come free of charge, and true value. Ball first-class, passing first-class, but also goals. His organizational skills are precisely the extreme shortage of Inter. Pandev is a former Inter Milan's youth academy product, has finally returned.

9 Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon barely passing, scoring small, super-high salary, 1000W, no way, sell Ibrahimovic Tim heads, or else can not be traded, this is he is a Ibu's replacement, but now see, Milito is. But the crucial moment can also play a role. Others, Eto'o has extensive experience in the war in Europe.

45 Balotelli Italy juvenile genius, the problem teenager, I used to think he was Inter's hopes, it now appears that he is a typical sword of Damocles, is really good to play strong, but his ideas are too immature always do people hate him, and anyway I was more and more do not like him. But it is undeniable, his potential for super-huge.

89 阿诺托维奇 Austria rented. The beginning of the season was said to Pato type of genius, but Mourinho has not been appreciated, the rumors will be returned in winter, but still remain in the Inter. But I do not think how kind, scoring ability is not strong, the ball is not a strong impression that no characteristics.

28 Steva Norwich midfielder, 20, midfielder J-O ratio of 51 goalkeepers Beilai Qi, I did not see how they play, not evaluation. Xie Hui played a long time.
diya_vs_pl2010-03-25 16:58:13 +0000 #3
Cesar, Maicon, Lucio Samuel Thornton

Zanetti 坎比亚索斯 in mota (or Muntari)

Zarate D Milito
kid8813842010-03-25 16:40:08 +0000 #4
4-3 -1-2 main formation

Cesar (goalkeeper)

Douglas Maicon (right guard) Lucio, Samuel (middle back) Thornton (left back, Chivu injured)

Cambiasso (lumbar )

Zanetti (in the center of a right-hand) Motta (Chinese avant-garde left)

Sneijder (Qianyao)

Pandev (small forward feeling, can not be considered center, Eto'o break in) Gabriel Milito (center)



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