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CCTV does not broadcast men's soccer victory over South Korea's insider? !

Music Dynamic play Stone2010-03-25 22:10:23 +0000 #1
CCTV does not broadcast men's soccer victory over South Korea's insider? ! Finally, only spots inside look at sports news, and even pictures are not, this is the attitude of the media Kunitari do?
Warrior's bottom line2010-03-25 22:12:58 +0000 #2
Chinese New Year is around the corner from Kunitari?

A prelude to the night before, the original plan will be live 东亚四强赛 China and Japan women's soccer team's matches are all male and CCTV five sets of programs from a single accident has disappeared, even the CCTV news program in the file does not these two games there is no news. More news, this season's Super League and the AFC Champions League, CCTV does not broadcast the program. There are well-informed sources, the CCTV to be high-level block Kunitari or inspired - Could it be so decided, but to avoid the Kunitari Tiandu, so that fans the world over a comfortable years?

Huang Jianxiang micro-Bo leak

CCTV canceled Kunitari live

the day before yesterday evening, 东亚四强赛 men and women's football match between China and Japan early in the original five sets of live CCTV notice a single program, but the temporary changes to the CCTV programs 1:00 so many fans waiting at the front of the television know what to do, because even after the stall CCTV news programs did not broadcast matches the situation, and many fans and even Chongqing, have inquired about the results of the competition called the newspaper.

As for the result, the original well-known soccer commentator Huang Jianxiang CCTV but had done so earlier in the day before yesterday in their own micro-Bo to "leak": "has just confirmed a message, CCTV will not live Kunitari the 东亚四强赛, although they also purchased the copyright. "Huang Jianxiang said:" This decision is some strange. Moreover, recently their "Sporting News" and "Football Night" and other columns are not reported Kunitari news. "As for the reasons Kunitari blocked , Huang Jianxiang described as very hanging: "I do not know why the undercover said, very mysterious. said to a buddy a few days ago removed a 东亚四强赛 forget a film was also awarded the meal leadership, and made very nervous look like. "

CCTV leadership refused to explain


for the poor say the practice of CCTV fans puzzled. After the start of the race the day before yesterday, a reporter tried to call the CCTV Sports Channel Director Jiang Heping telephone, has been unable to connect. When the end of the game again after about 1 hour to call Jiang and normal times, the phone was finally connected. However, just asking, "Why, after notice of the temporary change in the broadcast program", the river of peace immediately and decisively to hang up the phone, it seems there are hidden reason.

As for this end-result is supposed to explain the game of football commentator Jianhong CCTV is also clear that the inconvenient answer, he just said: "This is the lead in organizing things down, I said anything inappropriate."

In the Super-AFC does not broadcast?

Suspected high-level orchestrated

This is not the first time CCTV blocked Chinese football. In November 2008, "Football Night" has been completely abandoned Super CCTV stall sports news and even once gone to any super-reports, this situation of blocked until the 2009 season have changed. This time, block, or even super-block than in the past only more thoroughly. CCTV reporter look at the latest show notice 东亚四强赛 has been ruled out. But there is news that the game is not just Guozi Hao, probably this year's Super League and the AFC Champions League also will not appear on the CCTV screen.

Some media quoted informed sources as saying: CCTV Kunitari the block may be a mandate directly from high-level, general knowledge of CCTV staff simply. "The blocking may be related to the recent turmoil in China, football's anti-gambling related, including the leadership of the Chinese Football Association's predecessor, Nan Yong and Yang Yimin, who had been taken away by the police." Behavior of the CCTV on the Internet also has fueled heated debate, in addition to voices of doubt have a dig at sound. 1 User Beijing, said: "CCTV is still sympathetic to know soon to the New Year, and avoid Kunitari played stinks too much, the Chinese fans scrambling the Chinese New Year mood."
Loveruby5212010-03-25 22:31:50 +0000 #3
non-broadcast will not broadcast Uta

Chinese people's hearts softened too much

This was originally reported that the hope of big

Guangdong had not only intended to broadcast the first half of the finished
qingjiaozhe32010-03-25 22:44:03 +0000 #4
seemingly is no sowing, now plunged into Chinese football match-fixing storm ... maybe CCTV to ignore the bar

However, yesterday, 咱 Kunitari still very disappointing to

Ting Kunitari to support high-to guide, support the National Security

wow Kaka



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