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What are the foreign aid to join the Chinese national

Wandering Drifter2010-01-17 07:01:17 +0000 #1
football foreign aid. Once Mamai Luo, now Cavallero, as well as Who is that

2009-12-06 16:38 supplementary question on behalf of China and thus playing varsity games
Bar Kit2010-01-17 07:12:35 +0000 #2
prodigal brother's in this problem, first of all have to have a prerequisite, and that is the name of foreign aid has never represented their country play, so Cavallero first to be denied, it is clear that the former Udinese defender, former captain just said a Honduras Play a joke

I know of have this idea a few players are as follows

is the effectiveness of the Serbian giants Red Star Belgrade winger Abubakar of Nigeria, he then had the idea during the effectiveness of Kinder, on behalf of Olympic team for Beijing Olympics, a pity that Getting Started is no way, the parties affirmed the validity of the answer

is now the team than the B team of Belgium后卫哈维尔Pui Wai Lun. Chan, from his surname can tell he is actually an ethnic Chinese player, and his grandfather was a Chinese people, and young age grew up in Canada, then joined the famous Anderlecht youth academy, he had this in mind, on behalf of the Chinese team played

the other foreign aid, including Shaanxi, Vicente, the former national foreign aid Marcos expressed such a thought



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