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fifa online2 capacity value problems

Hu Yu Shuai2010-03-26 06:10:21 +0000 #1
All the players the ability to add value to the last to be filled on the 2277, and since 2277 are, why some people still use Gerrard, Messi, Torres and other high-capacity values people? ? ? ? Torres, who value the ability to fill and the unknown value of the players the ability to fill what is the difference? ?
LeslieTsao2010-03-26 06:19:12 +0000 #2
of course not the same, the players in the field of performance and capacity of the value of the non-VIS, but also, and left foot, reverse the full degree, height, weight, age, and so has the relationship between theory, as long as the height, weight, habits similar conditions, the players legs and so forth, whether or not players are similar, but in fact, because the initial capacity of players is relatively high, with an initial capacity of the players in general is relatively low, and the potential players , the maximum capacity of some of the players rose to the value of 99 was full of can not, but player upgrade is a lengthy process, so of course star with an initial capacity of a much better ah! As for the so-called star has hidden attributes and so on, an official from the no indication in this respect, I think, is just gossip and not credible.
Zhen Qiu fans Ⅱ2010-03-26 06:22:24 +0000 #3
that bad.



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