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What is the origin of the World Cup?

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After the 1928 Olympic Games, FIFA representatives held, unanimously adopted a resolution to organize the World Championship once every four years. This is the world of football in the further development and improvement has played a positive role in promoting. Initially this new football competition known as the "World Football Championship." In 1956, FIFA held a meeting in Luxembourg decided to renamed "Jules Rimet Cup." This is in recognition of the former FIFA president Jules Rimet French football made for the achievement. Jules Rimet became FIFA president in 33 years (1921-1954) was a World Championship sponsors and organizers. Later, it was suggested to link the two names, known as the "World Football Championship - Jules Rimet Cup." Therefore, in the Helsinki Conference, decided to changed its name to "World Football Championship - Jules Rimet Cup", referred to as "the World Cup."

World Cup 1928 FIFA trophy was a special prize for the winner is determined by well-known jewelry technician Fu Lieer Paris casting. The model is the legendary Greek goddess of victory nike, she dressed in ancient Rome waist gown, arms straight, hands of a large glass of moral support. Statue cast from pure gold and weighs 1800 grams, 30 cm high, standing on the marble base. This cup for mobile prizes, who won a championship, can save the Gold Cup four years to return before the next Cup, FIFA, in order to issue a new world champion. In addition, there is an additional requirement is: Who is three-time world champion, who will never get this cup.

1970, the Ninth World Cup, Uruguay, Italy, Brazil have won two titles. Therefore, there is always the opportunity to share in this cup, the result is Brazil Czech foot-come, first took possession of the cup.

To this end, FIFA will have to prepare a new trophy for distribution to the next championship. May 1971, FIFA cup to hold a new hearing, after evaluation of 53 programs, has decided to adopt the Italian Jiazhaniya design - two hands, hold high the planet Tellus design. This shape symbolizes the power of sport and scale. The new cup to be known as "FIFA World Cup." The cup is 36 centimeters high and weighing 5 kg, was worth 2 million dollars. 1974, the tenth World Cup, West Germany as a champion for the first time received a new cup. This time, FIFA's rule requiring a new cup for the flow of prizes, regardless of which team won many titles, we can not share the Cup.



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