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The highest number of World Cup players who?

United Kingdom2010-01-17 07:01:29 +0000 #1

attack is the best defensive2010-01-17 07:07:15 +0000 #2
World Cup players who most frequently?

The question actually has two answers:

First, the largest number of sessions of the World Cup, that is said on the first floor of two, West Germany's Lothar Matthaeus (1982,1986,1990,1994,1998), and Mexican goalkeeper Antonio Oka Bahar (1950,1954,1958,1962,1966).

Participated in four World Cup were: Brazil, Deguerma • Santos (1954,1958,1962,1966) Baxibeili (1958,1962,1966,1970), Germany Schnellinger (1958, 1962,1966,1970) Germany's Hillel (1958,1962,1966,1970) Italian Riviera (1962,1966,1970,1974) Uruguay's Rocha (1962,1966,1970,1974) Poland, Sri Lanka Muda (1974,1978,1982,1986) Argentina Diego Maradona (1982,1986,1990,1994)

Second, there are kinds of games is the largest number of World Cup, "times" Well, look at how you understand, and so West Germany legend Lothar Matthaeus's record of 25 games is difficult to hold a candle to. The following is the largest number of World Cup games player rankings: (15 games or more)

Rank Name Country session of the sub-field yellow card red card number into the Federal Republic of Germany

1 Lothar Matthaeus 525.65 thousand

2 Paul Romar Tiny Italian 423.03 thousand

3 Diego Maradona of Argentina 421,841

4 Uwe Schiller, Federal Republic of Germany 421.9 thousand

5 Vladislav Zumu Da Bolan 421 010

6 Geze Ge Er Sila Toporan 3.201 million 7 Kafubaxi 420.06 thousand

8 Karl - Heinz Rummenigge West Germany 320.9 thousand

9 Federal Republic of Germany Berti Vogts 319.01 thousand

10 Wofugangao flat, Federal Republic of Germany 319.3 thousand

11 Ronaldo Brazilian 4.19153 million

12 Antonio Oka Fabbrini Italy 318.12 thousand

13 Saipumaier Federal Republic of Germany 418,000

14 Pierre Littbarski 318.31 thousand Federal Republic of Germany 15, Italy 3 Gaetano Noci brea 18020

16 Mario Kempes, Argentina 318.61 thousand to 17 Taffarel Brazil 318,000

18 Deng Gabassi 318.02 thousand to 19 Federal Republic of Germany Thomas Berthold 318,011 20 Federal Republic of Germany Franz Beckenbauer 318.5 thousand

21彼得希尔顿England, 317,000

22, Fabien Barthez, France 317,000

23 Di Nuozuo Fu Italy 417,000

24, Roberto Carlos, Brazil, 317.12 thousand

25 Karl - Heinz Schnellinger Federal Republic of Germany 417.1 thousand

26 Enzuoxifu Belgium 417.31 thousand to 27 in the Federal Republic of Germany Jurgen Klinsmann 3.17114 million

28 Roberto Baccio Italian 316.91 thousand

29, Federal Republic of Germany Andreas Brehme 3 16440

30 Lilian Thuram, France 316.21 thousand

31 Jan libraries Le Mans Belgium 316.41 thousand

32奥斯卡鲁杰years Argentina 316.13 thousand

33 Anthony Su Saretta Spain than 416,000

34 Giuseppe Bergomi Italy 416.03 thousand

35哈伊尔吉尼Obasi 316.9 thousand to 36 Hong Myung-Bo South Korea 416.21 thousand

37 Rivelli Nuo Baxi 315.61 thousand

38鲁迪沃勒尔Federal Republic of Germany 315,831

39 Thierry Henry, France 315,601 40 Federal Republic of Germany, Hans Schaefer, 315.7 thousand

41 Zbigniew Bogner Ke Bolan 315.64 thousand

42 Maxi mbos France 315.1 thousand

43 Fabio Cannavaro, Italy 315.03 thousand

44 Nepal Erdunsangtuo Si Baxi 415,101

45 Didibaxi 315.3 thousand

46 Fulanjifan Dee Elst Belgium 415.01 thousand

Lou Zhu asked the players, I will light A player's bar, as illustrated on the first floor coach.
Goose City, Cai-xia2010-01-17 07:09:17 +0000 #3
World Cup as a player and most should be: Mexico Kabajiaer (1950,1954,1958,1962,1966). Germany's Lothar Matthaeus (1982,1986,1990,1994,1998).

While the World Cup as a player and coach should be the largest Brazilian legend Zagallo:

58 and 62 years of the World Cup as a player 70 years of competition, and won the World Cup as Brazil coach to win 74 World Cup , Brazil lost to the Netherlands, he also resigned from the post of coach to 90 years, the World Cup, he led the United Arab Emirates into the World Cup in Italy, but the team did not qualify.

94 years, the World Cup, Zagallo as Parreira's assistant (technical guidance) with the Brazil cup, completed the four wins the World Cup first.

98 World Cup as a coach was runner-up

2006 World Cup, again as Parreira's assistant (technical guidance) competition

a total of 8 times! !



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