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Why does the Italian Cup only to fight a

Moon Star residues2010-03-26 15:11:25 +0000 #1
Why is this season's Italian Cup is a single-field run-off then?
dahlia19962010-03-26 15:22:57 +0000 #2
08-09 last season in winning on the change of a single field.

The semi-final is a two-leg home and away.

The Italian Cup this season, a total of 78 teams participated in


20 Serie A club,

22 Serie B team, C 1

25 Italian team (including one for the 08-09 season from Serie B downgrade team, 7 C 2 is intended to upgrade the team, 17 Italian C a good team performance), C 2

6 Italian team,

5 is intended Ding team (08-09 season, good results there is no escalation of the team).

Competition system is divided into two stages

the first phase (single-field run-off):

the first round, Serie B following 36 teams to participate in,

the second round of Serie B team 22 + to win the first round of 18 teams

the third round, Serie A No. 8-20 people (other than the defending champion Lazio) of the 12 teams to win the second round of the 20 + team

the fourth round, third round to win the 16 teams to conduct a knockout

the second stage (except semi-final two rounds, the other are single farm run-off)

knockout round, winning the fourth round of the eight teams were 1-7 against the name and the defending Serie A champions Lazio.

Semi-finals Quarter-finals (two home and away rounds)


this season's Italian Cup final in Rome's Olympic Stadium.
VIP 尐 Po2010-03-26 15:31:04 +0000 #3
the new rules bar



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