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Brazil's Kaka who is the Substitute?

luxiaoshunji2010-03-27 00:11:40 +0000 #1
Why is the World Cup Ronaldinho into the slim chance that it? Even if he can not and Kaka, with the last, you can also play replacement ah, Brazil, what are good Qianyao do?
183,172,3172010-03-27 00:17:03 +0000 #2
Diego is also a good bar, Dunga's great love, with his 18-year-old playing on the International Competition! There Elano, but now is the core of Brazil's Kaka, Ronaldinho is very embarrassing to bring the Brazilian never a lack of genius, if not by the Brazilian players playing in Europe, Brazil, like first-class team!
The Golden Zheke2010-03-27 00:55:31 +0000 #3
laugh round of Pigs2010-03-27 01:34:10 +0000 #4
Qianyao Diego is a midfielder Diego was not watching the Olympics in Brazil it? ? Ronaldinho can go! ! Do you believe I do my intuition is quasi-Ronaldo can also go to the 2006 World Cup, players can go In addition to old-age retirement and return to Brazil, the



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