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Who Will was introduced to Higuita's career?

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Who Will was introduced to Higuita's career?

He did not play in Europe, too?
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Full Name: Jose He Higuita Zapata

a Birthday: August 28, 1966

Place of birth: Colombia Madelyn

Higuita August 1966 28 was born. His playing is characterized by large scope of activities, often to a restricted area outside the control of the ball, and actively participate in and organize attacks. In addition, he also fired high-quality free-kick.

In football fairly well-developed in Latin America, Colombia and Paraguay, Chilavert Higuita, Mexico's "butterfly" Campos, adding that the three crazy goalkeeper. But Chilavert by pitch shouting to organize and encourage the team, Campos relied on a fancy uniform and a fancy maneuvers, but Higuita remarkable is his self-confidence and performing. No matter how tight the race scene, he Dugan improvisation performances, the pitch has become his personal skills of the stage show, he never did not know stage fright.

Higuita Colombian nationals to join Atletico and has been a goalkeeper, he has also trained under the guidance of a coach of the perfect free kick techniques. Higuita became famous in 1989, is the year. He and his teammates to work together to make the national athletics team won the South American Libertadores Cup, and at the end of the year on behalf of South American football club participated in the Toyota Cup, held in Tokyo, Japan, engaged by the Netherlands Musketeers assume personal command of the Italian AC Milan. Competition among Higuita the challenge posed by Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard to join the European champions unafraid, he thinks that Sumon was too lonely, not contain himself chest to rush ahead passion, often abandoning the door out of Closed ran outside to help teammates attack, act as a free man. This style of play and fire him a man, while filling their own door to non-existent, the result of the defeat at AC Milan at the foot of runner-up.

In 1990 World Cup group stage, first against West Germany in Colombia. From the strength of speaking, two Nanfenbozhong, but the West Germans were good at using dollars. West Germany coach and captain Franz Beckenbauer Lothar Matthaeus are courageous and prudent in all-rounder, who carefully watched the match video in Colombia and found sound strategy to defeat the enemy. Matthaeus and Beckenbauer Higuita often abandoned for the door out of the characteristics of children developed Kedi tricks up their sleeves. After the start of the race, West Germany in order to keep the main lure Higuita ran out of restricted areas, leaving empty the door. Matthaeus Higuita in the restricted areas while cutting-edge opportunities to run around and suddenly remember a long-distance Diaomen, Higuita returned defense is less than, the ball is flying like a howitzer as the door is a pity that the ball went into, playing in the doorway on. Since then, Higuita is still disregard the safety of the door, waiting for an opportunity ran out of restricted areas assists. Every attack, he can attract the applause of the fans, but to coaches and teammates were badly shaken up. The two sides come to my to Pinqiang intense. West Germany playmaker Littbarski Togo defender a mistake to use Qiaoshe network. However, Higuita, and do not care about the other's a goal, he waved to encourage team-mate pressure on the long arm of attack, and finally by the Golden Lion Valderrama regain a ball kicked into a tie with West Germany.

Into the 16, the Columbia Lions team against Cameroon in Africa. And while this African lion in the first match against Argentina played well, but Higuita did not it looked down on, he always ran out the door to help the offense. In Colombia, after the team got the upper hand on the surface, he is more reckless. Once in the restricted area next frontier is not a Bigfoot, after team-mate back to pass out to open siege but in the 38-year-old "African uncle," Mila plays a game of dribbling before the extraordinary trick is really in front of the Guan Gong masters, not self within their means. Experienced a mira a sudden big stride forward rushed in front of him easily from his feet the ball away, the ball tight to run two-step Mianduikongmen nudge network. Higuita Colombia prematurely brought into the home away. Originally, they are likely to continue to move forward.

Back to the home, Higuita has been criticism from fans and media for his bombing. The pitch of the lunatic right people laughed at the criticism that he was neither refuted nor be discouraged, as far as kicking worthwhile.

1994 U.S. World Cup, Colombia and even the Panel no qualifying, and even defeated the U.S. team at the foot of inadvertent errors in the inverted Escobar was shot dead. The bloody incident awakened dreamer, Columbia players suddenly aware of the responsibility on the shoulders, they play not for themselves, they are the country's honor to play for the fans happy. The team began to mature.

However, Higuita remains unchanged, and his personal heroism is also reflected in his and acted on. Soon after the match the World Cup, Higuita was involved in a drug trafficking scandal, were jails. According to the police later confirmed that Higuita was to save a little girl kidnapped by triad societies, self-and drug-trafficking organizations to contact, was arrested by the police, because he's the personal act of heroism against Colombia's anti-kidnapping law.

Higuita is a blood-Han children. After his release, he became active contact with the original owner of the club, hoping to return to team.

Rare club owner cherish, such as life, letting him back to the team, graciously grant on behalf of a national athletic team competing in the Copa America in 1995. Love the face of the ball-hungry fans in Colombia, Higuita in no way diminished, and he was still mad. The America's Cup competition, Higuita legend thicker.

1995.9.6 at Wembley Stadium, England's friendly match against Colombia, the other stations against him in front of the characteristics of long-distance Diaomen, Higuita has long been estimated that by the other side of this play, he deliberately in football when the network is about, he was not a hand to the ball but to play a "kick down Zijin crown" of the dangerous moves, the body diving forward ball kicked out of the door with two heels. This action can be described as a century in the history of football farewell. For this reason alone a save, move, Higuita could be among the ranks of the world's best goalkeeper. This saves action demonstrated his passion for his skill and his creativity. Higuita is a madman on the pitch, but he was mad cute, crazy too surprisingly, crazy out of a football art.

In this session of the Inter-American Cup, Higuita, and co-operation of his teammates reached the top four, the final third. This result is not bad, but excessive ostentation Higuita angered the club, who are reluctant to allow him to stay, the team by 11 individuals in the court to strive for victory, rather than give it to him a person's performing. The face of the boss's anger and teammates understand, Higuita had left the National Athletic Team.

1997, Higuita from Colombia to Mexico's Class A powerhouse Weilakelu the team. This time he really matured. He gradually abandoned the flashy action, conscientiously guard the door. But the mature Higuita is not the eyes that supercilious fans courageous Higuita had, that dared to enjoy in a tense match performance Higuita disappeared.

Missing passion Higuita could honestly guarded the door, but he is no longer any surprise to make. Not a characteristic that is, ordinary people a Higuita.

In mid-August 2005, the legendary Colombian goalkeeper Higuita is necessary to lay on the operating table, and but this time not for the treatment of injuries, but Higuita decided to completely "re-hatting" of the! The arrogant Boogie's "crazy" to do a plastic surgery!

With the exquisite style of play is different from wild Colombian star has always been to display the image before the world, from the "Lion King" Valderrama to the "crazy" iki Ta Mok is not the case, the Colombian press had done so well-known laugh: "If football is Yimaoquren, then surely the majority of players will leave the stadium in Colombia."

a few days ago, Higuita participated in the Colombian television station RCN a file named "celebrity island" program, during the "crazy" laughing at himself for his Friends 莱昂内尔阿尔 Alvarez said, the two of them should not be such a bad guy to participate in such programs, it is best to participate in a give them plastic surgery to "The Truman Show" program. Who would have thought the speaker may be inadvertent, the listener interested, and his joke that one actually is really the "complete change" reality show's producers to provoke it, "completely changed" is a Colombian television station RCN launch a series of new reality show, every Sunday broadcast television stations to participate in programs to provide opportunities for cosmetic surgery, compare cosmetic results, but does not broadcast the cosmetic surgery procedure. The program also demonstrated hairdressing, massage, facials, teeth, and trends shaping dress. Show producer to invite their programs Higuita as plastic surgery patient No. 33.

Did not expect that "crazy" It's a straightforward person, heard remark, Higuita just thought for a moment, then began to inquire about how to participate in programs that he earns, after some bargaining, Higuita agreed to participate in a "complete change" program! Although the need for three-month period before and after surgery to recover, but at present the effectiveness of teams in Ecuador league aokas Higuita not care - Who he is now sitting in prison as long as six months of the ball do? Plenty of time.

Higuita pour yourself a little complacent, and in the court, he said succinctly: "This is a personal decision, I have no one to consult on my own, but it was good for me." While Higuita consulting Shanzizuozhu did not and at home, but his wife 马尼奥丽亚 enough to calm this: "Where is ugly, he gave him to change where, but the hair Freeze."

in charge of the cosmetic surgery that the seven experts, from doctors to the image of the designer, the Macedonian ranging. Is a cosmetic doctor led by Ernesto Andrade, these experts should Higuita whole task is not only beautiful, is not able to Columbus Papua, the eyes of the fans "crazy" to destroy the image.

Doctors facing a formidable enemy, but patients are not care. When asked by reporters whether he is worried appearance changed after the fans over the years and build up the image of the crash, the "crazy", said: "If only because a matter of health and the face of cosmetic surgery, people will change my point of view I am so many years of kicking the ball even white! I told you that I finished the whole I was a different place. "He actually was also recalled in all apparent seriousness, his childhood was painful, because the partners have regarded what he called "frog" (the Spanish word frog with "Rene" sound), and finally Higuita added: "The plastic is not to ugly the United States, to improve the look only."

According to Higuita personal website to vote on the survey , so far, more than 90% of people think that Higuita Colombia's greatest goalkeeper in history, the problem is, only about Qicheng of voters support Higuita undergo cosmetic. Three months later what "crazy" Higuita will be the new face of what appears, let us wait and see!


face Higuita large scale engineering analysis seems to require their faces are more to be exactly the shape of the nose, but also has sharp eyes, which seems to flutter in his penalty when more helpful.

White skin whitening expert Giovanni Niboyani Higuita is mainly responsible for training all year round because of exposure made of wheat brown skin, and wipe the skin on the spots and the ridge. One thing can not determine whether the dispel is Higuita face a relatively large mole spot.

Lips Higuita has a white teeth, smiling image of the teacher Ciro Garnica commented that he was laughing too open, but the doctors still want to keep it full mouth teeth, taking into account Higuita job characteristics, The doctors will give him some protection and fixed-bearing devices, so it can withstand any kind of collision.

Reduce fat female fitness trainer Andre cardiovascular Yagusiman think he is relatively weak, to help him lose the excess abdominal fat is still spending a lot of effort when.

Fashion designer Angel Air Asia Martinez and female image consultant 索尼亚斯廷 Pfizer is responsible for the design of a new fashion style Higuita, Sitingpufei think he still stay in shape and dress 80 age level, make him even more fashionable and let him know what and what not let him brilliance. In addition, many players have become a 'sportsman', no doubt, Higuita could do so.

Hair jet-black hair disheveled look like Higuita I like wild uninhibited. But now it appears we still have to change, and hair stylist Jorge Higuita FirstCall want to give the design a well-known hair, hair will become a "crazy" presented to the world's first a change. Although the move his wife to prevent hair, Higuita I Daoshi not afraid, he said: "I do not what conditions, and now depends on their pleasure of."

Beijing January 25, 2010 (Colombia 24 local time), MacDermid Lin, 43-year-old Colombian goalkeeper Higuita legend retired race was held in his home, and to reproduce the race famous for "Scorpion wagging tail." This is a belated farewell performance, in January 2009, Higuita Pereira sports teams from the Class A team retired, this is his second career retired six years ago from his home team for the first time retired. The game, first with the famous stunt Higuita "Scorpion wagging tail," he denied his opponent's free-kick, then kick a free kick with opponents break the door to the second half, guest striker, he also recorded into a single-pole. After the match the face of tens of thousands came to bid farewell to his fans, a moving Colombians shed tears.

Higuita was a legendary goalkeeper, for the Colombian national team played 68 games scored 8 goals. In 1995, he was in the Wembley friendly with England to stage to shock the world in the "Scorpion wagging tail", will be Jamie - Jamie Redknapp's shot shut out, the camera selected in the seven years later, the Italian TV 4 sets the "100 greatest sports moments." 2009 Golden Foot award Higuita "Football legend" title.
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-86 years, a millionaire Sports Club -91 years of Medellín in 1986 the International Sports Club

1992 -93

Valladolid in Spain in 1994 -97 years of Medellín in international sports would be


-98 years of Veracruz Sports Club Independiente Medellin in 1999


2001 Real Cartagena, Barranquilla Junior


2005 aokas Sports Club Bajo Cauca

2007 Guaros de Lara FC

2008 Nian Deportivo Rionegro

only played for one season in Spain



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