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Champions League that the situation was

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A Group:

Bordeaux, 13 minutes ahead of schedule and received the group outlet Juventus eight points, Bayern Munich, 7 pm

the situation is very simple, the final round Bayern need to win over Juventus in order to qualify, Juventus only need a draw you can qualify.

B Group:

Manchester United 10 points, in fact, qualified, VfL Wolfsburg, and CSKA Moscow 7 points, Besiktas 4

Even if the next in a home victory over Besiktas CSKA, while Wolfsburg negative Manchester United, the formation of Besiktas, VfL Wolfsburg, the Central Army three teams with seven points plot the situation, due to Besiktas in the small cycles only accumulated four points will also be unable to qualify, so that the plot has advanced four points out of Besiktas. The three teams with sub-cases, should be small cycles accumulated seven points, Wolfsburg promotion.

Manchester United If you want to get ahead of the group needs at least 1 am, if the next round loss to VfL Wolfsburg, while CSKA Moscow wins贝西科塔斯away, then the three teams with 10 points, small cycles , the Manchester United accumulated 7 points, VfL Wolfsburg 6 points, CSKA 4 points, Manchester United team first, team second hand outlet Wolfsburg; if Manchester United lose VfL Wolfsburg, the Central Army did not win beta Xiketasi, Manchester United, and Wolfsburg will compare the outcome of confrontation between the two parties to decide who is the team first, because Manchester United won 2-1, 1-0 Wolfsburg if, or is based on the advantages of more than two goals to win, you can win the group.

C Group:

Real Madrid 10 points, AC Milan, 8 points, 7 points

Real Madrid Marseille need only avoid defeat away to Marseille 4 above, or get away, but lost three goals (for example, 1-4,2 -5), we can advance.

AC Milan, as long as the beat Zurich, will ensure that promotion. AC Milan, Zurich, if victorious, but the beat or draw with Marseille Real Madrid, AC Milan can also be cut (as if the flat Marseille Real Madrid, AC Milan, Zurich, if negative, AC Milan and Marseille with the plot eight points, but the outcome of the relationship between AC Milan a win and one draw dominant).

Marseille 3-0 home victory over Real Madrid, if, or win over Real Madrid 4, Marseille will certainly advance. If Real Madrid beat Marseille in the other scores, you need to AC Milan in order to advance numerous Zurich.

D Group:

Chelsea 13 points ahead to win the group, Porto, 9 points ahead of the Group, the second

E Group:

Florence 12 points, Lyon 10 points, ahead of locking two promotion places. If the two sides after the final round with 13 points, due to the relationship between the outcome of considerable and will be comparing the goal difference, goals set and then compare who is the team first.

F Group:

8 points in Barcelona, Inter Milan 6 points, 6 points Rubin Kazan, Kiev Dynamo 5 pm

The match against Kiev, Barca only need a sub you can qualify, if only to lose a ball or lose the ball but there are two away goals (eg, 1-3,2-4) may also qualify, if lost or lost 0-2 in Kiev for more than three goals, while Inter Milan and Rubin Kazan winner, Barcelona will be eliminated. Barca need to win in Kiev three balls, or play the score 2-0 in order to qualify.

Rubin Kazan beat Inter Milan at home you can qualify, if the 1-1 or 0-0 draw, while Barca are not lost to in Kiev, then Inter Milan will also qualify, if the 2-2 draw with the score above, International Milan will be out.

Kazan Rubin beat Inter Milan away to qualify, if the 2-2 draw with Inter Milan over the score, while Barca are not lost to in Kiev, Kazan Rubin will also qualify, if the 1-1 or 0-0 draw Inter Milan, Kazan Rubin will be out.

G Group:

Seville, 10 points ahead of the cut, Urzi Husseini 8 points, Stuttgart, 6 pm

a critical look at the final home game against Stuttgart Urzi Husseini, Stuttgart won the outlet, numerous that out.

H Group:

Arsenal by 13 points ahead of the group, Olympiakos 7 points, Standard Liege 4 pm

Finally a home game against Arsenal, Olympiakos, Standard Liege vs.艾尔克马尔. Unless Olympiakos negative, while Standard Liege win, Olympiakos and Standard Liege 7 points with the plot, Standard Liege, the virtue of the outcome of relations (home 2-0, away 1-2) cut. However, other circumstances would be Olympiakos promotion.
Nene2010-01-17 07:13:17 +0000 #3
Inter Milan to be eliminated



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