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I would like to know more about football.

a9294461022010-03-27 04:10:45 +0000 #1
Every time I watch the match live, not how to understand and then the ball into the feeling of nothing. Then listen to a guide, said that the ball is a world-class world-class saves that I felt less the same. How in the end be considered kind of a world-class? There is a live look at how can say that it is time to strike

this is a strike? Knowledgeable to answer the specific points thank you.
licangyll2010-03-27 04:21:48 +0000 #2
do not know your age, if you are still young and healthy, I strongly recommend that you go to play, so you will know more, because the ballpark is often only see the surface of things, many of Deep content can enjoy.

What is a strike? Good shot there are two definitions, one good effect, one is difficult.

From the point of view to evaluate the effect of: football needs victory, victory, as well as to prevent the other side need to score goals, then this effect is the competition effect. From the goals of view, foot shot, you can accurately hit the door frame range, and hit the door frame area (commonly known as the angle) is very tricky, let goalkeeper can not be throwing herself, then the ball is to strike; from pass to see If the foot can be a sharp pass through each other's defense, so that players catch the ball in a range of other defense oversight areas (Paowei course, the importance of the ball players), or even directly through the entire defensive line of defense , then the goal is easy, which is also known as strike; look extraordinary, if a player used at the foot of the actual situation shaking fool the defensive players, but flies are very neat, not dragging its feet, do not struggle with the defensive player is not clear, it is the strike; also stopping technique, if the players stopping, easy to park kicker after the ball shot or a move to do the next step, convergence is very natural and comfortable it is also a strike; there are many aspects, not 11 go into details. From the viewing point of view, is the same, shoot the ball in the air to draw a beautiful arc, passing the line clear and concise and extraordinary rhythmic limb when the players there is beauty in natural law movement, positional warfare when the transmission access , or succinct and orderly, or a grand scale, combined, or fine, or dazzling, goalkeeper saves at full stretch of flowing air, and so on and so on, can be called strike.

From the point of view to evaluate the degree of difficulty: the difficulty and ornamental effects are inseparable, often with high ornamental value of the ball is very difficult. Shot, the power of poly on the ball, the rally to the cause force, usually Shitailichen the results, and some shooting Qiulu first high to low, and middle Jizhui process, often referred to as deciduous ball, and if Beckham el's "Against the Blade", an arc of the "arc", no one enemy; pass, the short pass can offer quick and tough, long pass can be quickly and accurately, and the spin of the ball should be conducive to stopping the ball players; Guo person, learning more, the players have to be the rhythm changes, suddenly fast suddenly slow, the direction must constantly changing. Huzuohuyou, Shi You need to do some fancy moves the ball very sense, and so on and so forth. These techniques can be called the strike, but that no one is very easy. The reason why I recommend you go to play, precisely because of this, only you are really kicking, and in order to have the awareness of soccer, but also be able to know which is very difficult moves, while others make this kind of action and techniques you only a thumbs-up.

I hope you can re-understanding of football, and love it
miss82772010-03-27 04:45:03 +0000 #3
I have 16 of the ballpark five years, mainly to see more pay more attention to world football news, as long as you love to be able to remember!
mxcmxc78062010-03-27 04:49:30 +0000 #4
good goal ... is to give a great visual enjoyment goals.

can be very tricky strong long-range, the farther the distance the greater the difficulty of entering the natural world-class;

can be Miu heels in front of a fire, where the goal with a vaudeville-like tricks, which is why world-class ball feast for the eyes;

it can be wonderful with the people after the fatal blow, imagine the field side 32 times, after a foot pass break, this is the team's high efficiency, perfect with the embodiment, it is also the strike.

a good fighting ... that is more difficult, the more incredible to fight the seemingly simple terms it is the other party must be saved into a ball.

can be a flying prop up a corner of the shot fired;

3,4 times can also be saved straight shot into the other side will.

There are many, as long as you like that are pretty good shot ..

Of course, if you really feel about each goal is ... if I may say so, it was from their own to find a cause, you do not like football, they can not enjoy football.
Gun Soul 1112010-03-27 05:38:50 +0000 #5
a good pass is mainly accurate, and creative (this is important)

a good shot and that is what Fast Accurate. . .

Another tie is very important, LZ If they see a lot of kick ball, or cut a few players Pao Wei Chuan is a tacit agreement, they can call strike, ah - 哈哈

a world-class simply means that is not easy to do to - for example, will single-handedly saved goals by goalkeeper is a world-class ah - 哈哈 - this stuff no precise location, and read more to know -
zzwjack2010-03-27 05:08:57 +0000 #6
you could just touch football near it, know not many. You should go look at some more games, or in person to experience something (or playing virtual soccer game), buy some with the football-related books will do. But the premise is that you should, as a loyal fan, and have a passion for football love, the only way can you deeper into them to understand. To determine whether it is a goal, or put out a world-class, depending on your experience, for example, long-range goal kick Shitailichen, or even several people, fancy goals, all claim to be a world-class; judge to fight the blaze that you want to see whether the ball is inevitable and then been resolved, or to fight to the dead have been saved, it is also called a world-class saves.

In short, you have to watch the game to see much more naturally understand.
Barca love2010-03-27 06:26:25 +0000 #7
play to experience themselves to know what is the world's a



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