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Who will count the last 20 years under the Chinese team, how many times fell 12 yards before?

Prince Poldi2010-03-27 04:10:51 +0000 #1
June 9, 2004 Tianjin World Cup qualifier 4-0 Zheng Zhi missed a penalty in Malaysia

August 3, 2004 Beijing Asian Cup semi-final 5-4 on penalties Iran Zhao Junzhe missed

November 2004 17, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, China 7-0 World Cup qualifier Zheng Zhi missed a penalty

February 22, 2006 Guangzhou Asian Cup qualifier 2-0 Palestine Dong missed penalty

December 7, 2006 Doha Asian Games group match 2-1 Zheng Zhi missed a penalty Oman

December 7, 2006 Doha Asian Games in 1 / 4 finals 8-9 Iran Zheng Zhi, Zhao Ming missed penalties war

2008 March 15 day warm-up match 3-3 Thai in Chongqing Li Weifeng missed penalty

March 26, 2008 Kunming, Shao Jiayi missed Australia's World Cup qualifier 0-0 on penalties
Mount Fuji under the Wedding2010-03-27 04:17:45 +0000 #2
enumeration Shao Jiayi in the March 26, 2008 in the World Cup qualifier in Australia missed a penalty in the war, the Chinese soccer penalty missed a total of eight events, let us work together to look at.

Zheng Kunitari miss quarter-finals

November 17, 2004, in the 2006 World Cup Asian zone qualifiers for the final round of competition, the Chinese team against Hong Kong, China Team. Zheng lost due to penalty penalty, ultimately Kunitari missed the quarter-finals in Asia.

Fan Zhiyi 97 Kunitari come to grief Blatter Blatter

in 1997, the Chinese team challenges in Saudi Arabia. Fan Zhiyi missed a penalty in the end, the Chinese team failed to enter the 98-year World Cup.

Fan Zhiyi Kunitari miss the semi-final winner

1998 东亚四强赛, Fan Zhiyi at the same Japanese team's final will be worth 200 thousand U.S. dollars a missed penalty.

Zhao Ming Olympic 9 to 10 Hanfu Iran

In the quarter-finals of the 2006 Asian Games, the Chinese team and Iran into the penalty shootout, Zhao Ming missed a penalty, the final Chinese team missed four Strong.

Guo Yijun Kunitari come to grief Dynamo Adams Cup final

1990 Sri Lanka in the first session of the Dynamo 东亚四强赛 Cup final, final, Kunitari and South Korea into the penalty shootout, the results of Guo Yijun lost point shot Ball lost the Champions League.

Liu Rose Cucu's World Cup runner-up

1999 Women's World Cup, the Chinese women's football in the final against the United States women's soccer. Penalty shootout, the Liu missed penalty. Eventually, the Chinese team lost 4 to 5, losing the opportunity to board the top of the world.

Hao Haidong IOC was eliminated

Qatar 1991 Olympic Games qualifying 6-finals, the Chinese team suffered Qatar. Hao Haidong missed penalty, 0 lost more than a team of Qatar. In the end, lost their eligibility to participate in the Barcelona Olympic Games.
Victims ICE2010-03-27 04:41:48 +0000 #3
Kunitari the penalty is a penalty throw countless, usually in a good league punishment on behalf of the national team is a fine not enter, do not know if this is not a curse.



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