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Why is China made rapid progress in football?

417,885,1472010-03-27 06:11:57 +0000 #1
Chinese football not so much rapid deterioration, it is better to take a look at why the rapid advancement of Chinese football. Chinese football from a 100 away fans do not like the silence of concern to the team to today's world's top hundred teams, but now he's letting East Timor, Brunei, Maldives, Sri Lanka and other countries see the trembling, but also to Vietnam, Laos, Syria and other countries to subdue the flexor in the first, but also Asia's third-rate seats to return to a surprising win in South Korea, before the media disappointed, fans despair, It is in this country is fake, gambling, black shrouded background, Kunitari actually wins, I think we need not concern Kunitari, I discovered that he was also concerned about the more one can lose, the easier it will abandon the more wins (really unclear disease), I hope that you can be the rise of Chinese football, but also previously behalf of the state to go out to play to our people lost hope that their game every time, and their salaries can be directly proportional to the hope that unlike a User Kunitari victory over South Korea after watching the game sad depressed, said: "Kunitari Huiguangfanzhao completely finished "

Min Zhuang Yang2010-03-27 06:16:58 +0000 #2
see Lou Zhu is a genuinely concerned about the sincerity of Chinese soccer fans, rather than just taking a dig at Kaishuan Kunitari pseudo-brick home when the joke, yes Chinese football hurt us again and again the hearts of soccer fans in general, we feel sad for their misfortune Nuqibuzheng, so intolerable will find some ironic spoof of live rights to vent, but ultimately, like to treat our own children, no matter how naive, and got into much trouble He is our children, and our fans Kunitari love, too, have always stubbornly persists two to three decades, in fact, the appetite of our fans are also very small, very easy to satisfy, just want to Kunitari do not hurt our hearts, Like into a World Cup every 32 years, South Korea's first win, we are very happy to very satisfied.

We have to straighten out their attitude to address the problems faced by Chinese soccer and with the gap between world powers, encourage it, and at the same time put forward a rational and pertinent suggestions and criticisms, this is our fans to do;

come up with the law in line with the long-term football development plan, the creation of a complete and effective, eschew greed, false, gambling and other evils of the institutional mechanism, which is football and the General Administration of Sports to do;

tenacious struggle in the arena, solidarity, in order to the chest of the five-star red flag, like, like men, fighting in the end, it is Kunitari players were about to do. . .

Only to do that, I think the Chinese football not far from the spring. Really looking forward to the day of the rise of Chinese soccer. - 1 and Gong Han Jeung age fans.
quzi12012010-03-27 06:34:03 +0000 #3
retrogressed in other countries ... ...
Lucifer's silence2010-03-27 06:49:12 +0000 #4
executive power



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